Hungry Dragon: Beginner's FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Unleash fiery fury from the skies above in Hungry Dragon, a fun and frantic action-arcade rampage mobile game, available for Android and iOS.

Refer to the tips below, and control your ferocious dragons, flying, burning and devouring your way through a medieval realm packed with deliciously unsuspecting prey!
Hungry Dragon: Beginner's FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Optional Tips for Early Game:

Login with Facebook
   - You may login using your Facebook account to get 15 free Gems.
   - Note: Cloud saving requires you to log in via Facebook.

   - Upgrade your map (watch video ads) to reveal all bonus locations like Eggs, Chests, and HUNGRY Letters. This is pretty useful so go on and activate whenever you need it.

Collect Coins, Gems, Chests and More!

Daily Chests
   - Can be collected while playing, use your Mini-Map to help you find them. Daily chests will refresh at server reset time.

   - Can only gather 1 Egg per run, then use the "Incubate " option to hatch them. Note that your first Egg can be skipped for free (gives a random pet) and it could be a great opportunity to get a useful pet by doing re-rolls or resets (optional method).
   - Would recommend for starters:
   - Health Pet = Any, but kinda situational though.
   - Defense Pet = Health Drain -% or Any Mine Defense (nice for Large dragons).
   - Score Pet = Any, but would prefer XP+% and Coins+%.
   - Fire Pet = Any, but would prefer Fire Duration.
   - Pets with icons on top of their portrait = Rare and Special pets, some of them are really strong, but most are just situational. Good luck!

Flying Pigs
   - Grab them to get 1 free Gem. Appears from usual areas but still at random.

Golden Preys, Coins, Pots, and More
   - Eat golden-colored preys to earn Coins.
   - Big Golden coins and Pots gives bonus Coins, grab them too whenever you have the chance.

Complete Missions!

Complete Missions!
 Earn Coins Fast!
   - This is an excellent way to earn fast Coins. Complete and redeem your rewards (Coins or Gems).
   - You may watch a video ad to reduce the cooldown timer by 15 minutes (optional). The first one has a short cool-down, so use this method to keep raking in fast Coins.
   - You may skip the current Mission by using the "Next" option if you find it a bit difficult to complete (ex: "Collect 2 Eggs" but you already have 3 of them in line).
   - Mission rewards will increase depending on your unlocked dragons.

Missions Help Guide
   - Refer here: Hungry Dragon: Missions Help Guide and Tips

Survive For as Long as You Can!

Health Bars
   - This is pretty important because the longer your dragon's Health bar is, the better.
   - By default, bigger dragons will always get higher Health and Boost ratings, so level up and max your dragons to unlock the next tier of dragons.
   - Eating prey refills your Health (Note that, those big giants or similar creatures can recover most of your health when successfully defeated). Avoid starvation to extend your run.
   - Activating Fire Rush can also refill your dragon's Health bar.
   - Special Powers from Pets or Costumes (like Health+% or Health Drain -%) can also enhance your dragon's overall health.

Getting High Scores and Leveling Up Your Dragons
   - The fastest way is to rake lots of Points per run, refer below for more info.
   - Score Points varies per creature and items. The stronger and rarer they are, the better.
   - Tip: Eat a whole flock to gain a Score bonus!

Max Your Dragons To Unlock Better Dragons!
   - Higher Tiers will get higher Health and Energy Boost stats, can equip more pets, and will get higher Multiplier bonus during Fire Rush.
   - Other bonuses also include: Can eat more types of preys with stronger attack or chomping power. Has longer Fire Rush duration, and more.
   - Collect more dragons to unlock new areas.

Activate Fire Rush and Mega Fire Rush!
   - If you want to maximize your Points and Coins gain per run, this is an excellent way to do it.
   - You get Mega Fire Rush after every 8 Fire Rush (Note that this is accumulative and carries over to the next run, check Fire icons below the bar). Plan ahead to help you complete all points related missions.
Activate Fire Rush and Mega Fire Rush!
   - Fire Rush Bonus Effects: Golden Creatures, Invincibility, and Infinite  Boost.
   - Mega Fire Rush Bonus Effects: One Hit Kill!, Can Eat All!, Golden Creatures, Invincibility, and Infinite  Boost.

What Are Multipliers?
   - Multipliers will greatly affect your Points gain per run, and can be increased by eating preys in quick succession. Be careful though, because Multipliers will get broken if you didn't let your dragon eat for a while, or if your dragon gets hit or damaged.
   - Keep your multiplier high to get Fire Rush quickly!

   - Multipliers can be easily increased by triggering Mega/Fire Rush, and HUNGRY Mode because your Dragon can get a temporary invincibility!
   - Tip: Sometimes, it is best to trigger Fire Rush first by eating flocks of birds before entering dangerous areas that can easily break your multiplier.

Collect HUNGRY Letters to activate HUNGRY MODE!
   - Can be collected while playing, use your Mini-Map to help you find them.
Collect HUNGRY Letters to activate HUNGRY MODE!
   - HUNGRY Mode Bonus Effects: Gets Bigger, Can eat almost all!, Invincibility, and Infinite Boost.
   - The best combo is to trigger HUNGRY MODE and MEGA Fire Rush at the same time! You'll get a big dragon with very wide fire range that can melt everything on it's path.
   - It is also really cool if you can pull this off right before your dragon is about to die due to passive Health Drain over-time.
   - Letters will re-spawn after activating HUNGRY mode. Go and collect them all again!

Things to Avoid
   - Simply avoid creatures or items that can hurt your current dragon, but if you really need to, then minimize the damage.
   - Boosting helps to free your dragon from an enemy attack.
   - Also, once you are able to survive long, some bad ass dragons, creatures and objects will start to appear, avoid them by flying low near the ground or by using Boost to fly away from them. This is a big problem for smaller dragons, but will get easier once you are able to unlock bigger dragons.

   - Tip: Those creatures and objects that you can't normally eat like Ghosts and Mines can really give you nice Points, go for them if you are able to trigger Mega Fire Rush.

Spending Your Hard Earned Resources!

Best Ways To Use Coins
   - Use to Unlock New Dragons:
   - For early game, only spend your Coins for unlocking new dragons. Ignore those costume upgrades for now.

Best Ways To Use Gems
   - Just earn them for now for future updates or events like limited Eggs and Pets. You can really get powerful pets with insane powers from these events so watch out!
Spending Your Hard Earned Resources!
Buy Costumes with Coins and/or Gems
   - Once you are able to unlock higher tiers late game, you might want to buy some costumes for your favorite dragons. Use them to enhance your dragons with special powers that can help complete some missions or to achieve higher scores.

Eggs and Pets

Pets are really handy and can help enhance your dragon's survivability or effectiveness. Choose any pet you like according to what you need like for completing certain missions, for survivability, speed, or for getting high scores.

Pet Rarity
   - Pets with icons on top of their portrait are considered rare and special.

Orange Eggs
   - Can be found in-game, up to one per run. After some incubation time, they will reward you with Pets for your dragons!

Purple Eggs
   - Can only be purchased with Gems, but they are instantly opened!
   - Would only recommend during limited events where you can get powerful Pets (still optional though).

Golden Egg Fragments
   - Obtained by getting duplicate rewards when opening Eggs.
   - Once you collect enough (50 Pieces), you will be rewarded with a Golden Egg!
   - Note: For rare pets, you will be able to collect at least 3 Egg Fragments.

Golden Eggs
   - The only way to unlock Special Pets!
   - You can check Pets that can only be unlocked from Golden Eggs under the Special category.

Limited Event Eggs!
   - Only available during a specific time of the year, example: Halloween and Christmas Events.

Global Events

These are limited events that can net you lots of rewards or limited prizes like pets from limited event Eggs. Check and follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram online to get informed about upcoming events before anyone else! Good Luck! ^^

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