GunboundM: Beginner's Tips, Gem Spending, FAQs and Strategy Guide

Here's some tips, tricks, FAQs and strategy guide for the casual shooter mobile game GunboundM, presented by DargomStudio Co.,Ltd. Available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

GunboundM is a world-wide turn based Player vs Player shooter Game. Collect Mobiles and ride them with high Grade Avatars. Collect and customize with Jewels to make them even stronger!

In-Game Currencies, Items, and Freebies


   - Default in-game currency, used to buy Mobile Cards and Jewels from the Shop.
   - PVP Mode will also require entry fees, so Gold is like your "Energy (number of tries)" in game.
   - In-case your run out of Gold, you can farm them from the "Battle Training" area.

Challenge Tickets

   - Used as entry fees for "Battle Training" instead of Gold.
   - You can get more from Daily Login Rewards, League Rewards or Promotions, PVP, and more.

Gears (Gear Extraction)

   - Used to buy more Mobile and Avatar card packs from the shop.
   - You can extract gears from Mobile, Mobile Cards, or Avatar Cards. Note that only use what you don't really need, preferably those C and B Grade Mobiles.
   - To get more gears, better collect then craft or assemble them first before extracting.
   - Tap on the [+] button next to the gear icon in-game for more info on how many gears can you extract per item or grade.


   - Premium in-game currency, can be collected for free from various sources, or buy with real cash.
   - Earn them to buy premium packs, sets, and other items you might prefer from the Shop.
GunboundM Gems and F2P Best Use

Complete Achievements

   - If you are a F2P player, focus on getting all Gems here, this is the fastest way to obtain Gems early game. Use the Battle Training or PVP Mode to complete most of them, 1 game = 1 point.
   - Use different Mobiles to help complete them faster.
   - Other freebies like Mobile Cards can be obtained here too, also check the "Season" tab for more.

League Rankings and Promotions

   - Quickly increase your League Rank to get higher rewards (Gems, Gold, and more) every time a season ends. Promotions will also give you some rewards as well.
   - You can increase your League Rank by playing PVP Mode and winning Points (GP).
   - Refer here for more info: How to Increase League Rankings Fast

Best Ways To Use Gems Early Game? (F2P)

GunboundM Extracting Gears from Mobiles and Avatars

Method #1: Luck Based

   - First step is to spend all of your Gems on buying Gold from the Shop (Sacks or Big Gold Box).
   - Next, buy and horde lots of Mobile Card Packs.
   - Craft every C and B Grade Mobiles that you don't need, then use the Extract option to turn them all into Gears. You should get around 2000 Gears from your 80,000 Gold or 150 Gems.
   - Go to shop, buy the Gear Mobile Pack to get A Grade Mobile Cards. Hopefully, you'll be able to craft some Mobiles that you would like to play with.
GunboundM Gear Packs
   - Preferably, aim for at least 2 Mobiles first, but if you don't like your Mobiles, either create a new account if you want to re-roll or simply continue and collect more Gems and Gold.
   - Next, use your remaining Gears for Grade A Avatars using the same method ("it's easier this time"), then go back to Mobiles again if you want to get more.
   - Good Luck! ^^

Method #2: Non Luck Based

   - Preferably, earn them and go for Card SETS, since these are ready made A Grade Mobiles. Some are worth 150 or 200 but go for what you prefer to play with, you can check more details by tapping on their card icons and skills.
   - After that, earn again for high Grade Avatars, or more Mobiles.

   - Pros: With 150 or 200 Gems, you can choose A Grade Mobiles that you like to play with.
   - Cons: Only Mobiles, so no chance to get A Grade Avatars, but still possible, just continue, craft C and B Grade Mobiles, then extract them for Gears.

Rewards and Other Freebies

   - Login everyday to claim daily various rewards (Gems, Gold, and more).
   - Claim your 100 Gold every 3 hours.
   - Mailbox: Check this out too, to receive more freebies.

Main Features to Build Up and Focus On

GunboundM Mobiles and Avatars

Mobiles and Mobile Cards

   - You'll need 5 pieces of Mobile Cards in order to craft them.
   - Start by crafting B Grade Mobiles first, then aim for higher Grades as you go. You may also use other C Grade Mobiles early game, the gap between S Grade and C is actually not that wide, but S and A Grade's non-combat bonuses are quite good.
   - Refer to the "Best Ways to Use Gems Early Game" section above for more info.

Avatars and Avatar Cards

   - You'll need 3 pieces of Avatar Cards in order to assemble them.
   - Once complete, you may now assign them to your Mobiles, but take note that the overridden Avatar will be discarded, and new one can no longer be taken back so choose wisely.

Basic Tips for Avatar + Mobile Combinations

   - When equipping, you might also want to consider the Avatar Skills of that Avatar, then synergize them with your Mobiles.
   - Example: An Avatar with skills related to HP, healing, or similar effect is best combined with high Health Mobiles to maximize the effect. Another way is to use Avatars with Green Jewel Slots on low Health Mobiles to compensate their low HP.
   - For more info, refer here: GunboundM: Recommended Avatars (Free and Gear) for Mobiles

Jewels and Jewel Pieces

   - Purchase with Gold (up to B Grade only), but still ok for early game.
   - Can also be traded using Jewel Pieces or buy with Gems, recommended for getting higher Grades.
   - Jewel Pieces can be obtained from Daily Login Bonuses, after battle rewards (mostly from Battle Training Events), and more. Earn them then try to obtain high Grade Jewels for your high Grade Avatars!
GunboundM Jewels and Gold

Slots and Equipping Jewels

   - Jewels can be equipped to your Avatars to gain extra stats (also covered from the tutorial).
   - For early game, equip your C Grade Jewels to your preferred A Grade Avatars.
   - Equipped Jewels can no longer be retrieved, so better use your precious Jewels for your high grade Avatars.
   - In order to unlock more slots, just level up your Mobiles, note that each Avatar has their own set of jewel slots ("check their colors").

   - Red Jewels: Mainly increases Attack rating or Blast Range.
   - Yellow Jewels: Mainly increases Attack or Blast Range if the condition is met.
   - Green Jewels: Mainly increases maximum Health and Damage reduction.
   - Blue Jewels:  Mainly increases Accuracy rating, max Movement duration, Climb, Turn-time and more.
   - Purple Jewels: Mainly increases other non combat abilities like after battle bonuses.

Have Too Much Jewels? Sell or Better Equip Them Instead!

   - You can also sell low Grade Jewels for Gold, but better equip them to any Mobile you currently have as temporary Jewels, and for some extra stats, especially early game.

Time to Build Your Team!

Mobile Type Strengths and Weaknesses:

   - Shield > Machine > Animal > Shield.
   - It is a good rule to make your team balance, unless you want to risk it or try something different.
   - Familiarized yourself to all types of Mobiles and what they can do to get an idea on how to counter enemy teams. You can also tap on the "Image" of your enemy to check the types of Mobiles on his or her team.
GunboundM Mobile Counter Effect

Starting Mobiles

   - The first 2 Mobiles should have enough firepower and/or solid survivability to quickly eliminate 1 enemy or to make both enemy mobiles near death.
   - You may also customize your team depending on the enemies you might commonly encounter from event stages. So, it is also good to have at least 2 of the same type of Mobiles just in case.

Your 3rd Mobile

   - The 3rd Mobile appears last and can be placed anywhere, so take advantage of some certain effects or Avatar Skills like "Hero" (increased damage when alone), "High Lander" (increased damage when mobile is positioned higher than the rest), and many more.

   - This Mobile will also get some charged SS bars, so it is also best to place here a Mobile with high SS damage and create awesome shots to quickly charge their SS bars.
   - The 3rd slot is also a nice spot for your Mobile that can destroy 2 Mobiles at once (example Nak) if you want to aim for the "Perfect Game" reversal win!

End Game Content:

   - Continue and increase your League Ranking, collect Gems from rewards, then buy new and upcoming Avatars and Mobiles that you might like, Good Luck! ^^

Battle Tips, Clouds, Totems and Battle Items!

For More Info, Refer To Our Separate Guide
   - Refer here: Battle Tips for Wind Adjustments and How to Charge SS Bars Fast

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