The Trail: How To Avoid Red Color Hearts (Fast Stamina Drain)

The color of your character's Hearts (Green, Yellow, and Red) affects your Stamina, this is because of various parameters that have been triggered in the game, to learn more, refer below.

Stamina (Hearts)

   - Hearts determines your character's maximum Stamina.
   - To increase the number of Hearts, simply equip higher tier gears. Aim for around 5 Hearts once you go beyond Eden Falls, and around 6 Hearts beyond the Desert.
   - If you run out of Stamina, your character will faint.
The Trail: How To Avoid Red Color Hearts (Fast Stamina Drain)
What Happens When My Character Faints?
   - If you choose to "Wait & Hope", Stamina will regenerate overtime, but your items will start to drop from your bag until your Hearts are full.
Reminder: If Your Character Collapses
   - TIP: If your character fainted, do not accept any notification (even that check mark), instead, just open your bag and use your Food until all Hearts are full or at least almost full. If successful, your character will get up and no items will drop.

Stamina Drain

   - Stamina Drain will always be there, and will continue as long that your character is walking or running. What you need to focus on, is how to reduce or avoid "Fast Stamina Drain".

Fast Stamina Drain
   - This will turn the color of your Hearts to Red! The more parameters you trigger, the faster it will be. Refer to the Red Hearts section below for more info.

Stamina Drain -% Furnitures
   - Once you get your own house, aim for furnitures that has a Stamina Drain -% effect, to decrease Stamina Drain while trailing.

Green Hearts

Green Hearts
   - Means you'r good to go. The Stamina you currently have can reach the next milestone or camp site.

Yellow Hearts

Yellow Hearts
   - It's more like a warning before going Red.
   - Example: When your Hearts are at Yellow, that also means that if you pick up more items, it is likely that you will exceed the weight limit and your Hearts will turn to Red.

Red Hearts

Red Hearts
Parameter #1: No Movement
   - Hearts turns to Red if your character is just standing or resting.
   - You don't need to worry anything here, just walk to check the true status or color of your Hearts.

Parameter #2: Distance
   - Hearts will turn Red if the game detects that your current Stamina can't reach the next camp site.
   - This is normal and it doesn't drain your Stamina that much, just eat some Food until it turns Green again.

Parameter #3: Gear Repairs
   - Activates when the game detects that you have a gear that is about to break.
   - The bad part is, if your gear breaks while trailing, you will also lose a number Hearts or Stamina Drain -% effect depending on that gear.

   - To avoid this, every time you reach a camp site, check the durability of your gears. If one of them are fully Red (below 0.5 durability), better replace that gear, or at least carry an extra (craft or buy from other traders).

Parameter #4: Weight Limits
   - This is the worst among all the parameters because it can drain your Stamina really fast!
The Trail: Weight of Food!
   - Well, it can't be helped since you need to collect things while trailing, but their is an important factor why your Stamina is draining way too fast than before = Weight of Food!
   - Yes, to greatly reduce the weight you are carrying, STOP placing 10x Bread and/or 10x Jerky in ALL of your pockets or bag (10x Bread = 30 Weight; and 10x Jerky/Cookie = 20 Weight).
The Trail: limit your Food Weight to around 30     The Trail: STOP placing 10x Bread and/or 10x Jerky in ALL of your pockets
Left: Total Weight = 30
Right: Total Weight = 100!

   - To avoid this, limit your Food Weight to around 30, this should be more than enough.
   - Let your extras stay in your Private Chests.

Food Sources

   - Food is used to replenish Stamina, and each Food type has their own Weight, Size, and number of Hearts. Food can be purchased from traders or obtained through crafting.

Crafting Food
   - Crafting Materials can be gathered along the trail, or bought from other traders.
   - Example: Once you go beyond Eden Falls, start gathering:

Wheat Grass and Apples
   - Materials used for crafting Cookies later on (2x Wheat Grass and 1x Apple).

Rock Salt and Raw Meat (Focus More Here)
   - Materials used for crafting Jerky later on (2x Rock Salt and 1x Raw Meat).

Food That Restores 2+ Hearts

Restores 2 Hearts
   - Cookie (x10 = 20 Weight)
   - Grilled Mushroom (x10 = 20 Weight)

Restores 3 Hearts
   - Bread (x10 = 30 Weight)
   - Jerky (x10 = 20 Weight)

Restores 4 Hearts
   - Omelette (x10 = 20 Weight)

Restores 5 Hearts
   - Peach Cake (x10 = 20 Weight)
   - Sausage (x10 = 20 Weight)

Restores 6 Hearts
   - Buffalo Pie (x10 = 30 Weight)

Upgrading Food TIP
   - Once you upgrade your house to Lvl 5, purchase furnitures with "Stamina Boost from Food +%" to increase the number of Hearts that your current Food can restore.

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