NARUTO: Blazing - How to Get Lucky Drops and Completion Rewards

Earn Complete Drop Acquisition Rewards by collecting the required number of droppable items, characters and Lucky chests per mission or stage.

The all-new Lucky Drop is a chance to earn more characters and items depending on your Captain character's Luck! See if you can get it on the Mission Results Screen.
Naruto Blazing - How to Get Lucky Drops and Completion Rewards

Complete Drop Feature Details:

Completion Rewards

   - To get this reward, you need to collect all characters and items dropped during Missions, as well as the Lucky Drop (if available for that mission).
Naruto Blazing Ninja Pearls From Completion Rewards
   - For one-time Completion Rewards you can get: Ninja Pearls!

Lucky Drops (Golden Chests)

   - Contains items and character ninjas.
   - Lucky Drops are not a one time reward, so once you open it, you can still get another one from that mission or stage.
   - Chances of receiving a Lucky Drop are displayed on the Select Team screen.

- Complete Drop Acquisition Feature -

Solo Mission Mode

   - Drop Rate of items and characters, as well as chances of receiving a Lucky Drop, are based on the Luck of the character set as Captain on your team (your main screen featured ninja).
   - Set your high luck ninja as Captain then use your core ninja as Buddy, this way you can switch them during battle to make things easier.

Luck Caps for Ninjas (for Lucky Drops, Items, and Characters)
   - To learn how to get ninjas with high luck, refer to our separate guide here: Farming with High Luck Ninjas.

.  - 1* Ninjas = 15 Luck = +15% chance
   - 2* Ninjas = 20 Luck = +16.7% chance
   - 3* Ninjas = 40 Luck = +23.4% chance
   - 4* Ninjas = 60 Luck = +30% chance
   - 5* Ninjas = 80 Luck = +36.8% chance
   - 6* Ninjas = 99 Luck = +43% chance

   - This method is ok if you are farming for items and characters, but better host a multiplayer mode if you want to increase your chances of getting the Lucky Drop too.
Naruto Blazing: Complete Drop Acquisition Feature

Joining Multiplayer as Host

   - The best and easiest way to increase your Lucky Drop chance.

Total Luck and Chance To Drop % (for Lucky Drops only).
   - Aim for at least 40% chance rate or Total of 90 Luck.

   - Total of 60 Luck = 30% chance
   - Total of 70 Luck = 33.4% chance
   - Total of 80 Luck = 36.8% chance
   - Total of 90 Luck = 40% chance (Luck: 30/30/30)
   - Total of 100 Luck = 43.4% chance
   - Total of 110 Luck = 46.8% chance
   - Total of 120 Luck = 50.1% chance
   - Total of 130 Luck = 53.4% chance
   - Total of 140 Luck = 56.7% chance
   - Total of 150 Luck = 60.1% chance
   - Total of 180 Luck = 70.1% chance (Luck: 60/60/60)
   - Total of 210 Luck = 80.1% chance
   - Total of 240 Luck = 90.1% chance (Luck: 80/80/80)
   - Total of 270 Luck = 100.1% chance (Luck: 90/90/90)

   - Based from the in-game notification:
  - "On a Team Mission, the chance to earn a Lucky Drop will be based off the total Luck of all Captains of teams remaining at the time the Mission Results appear", then they also posted this on their Facebook Page: "Only the players who remain until the Mission Results will have their luck factored in to the Lucky Drop".
   - So this means that only remaining Players or Captains will be counted, disconnected Guests or Helpers will not count to the Total Luck!

   - Note: Drop Rates of other items and characters during battle will solely depend on your Captain's Luck.

Joining Multiplayer as Guest

   - For easy missions, always use your high luck ninja as your Front or Captain, this will likely get you accepted.

   - You cannot collect Completion Rewards.
   - Complete Drop Acquisition will also not be displayed after completing the Mission.
   - Drop rates of common items and characters will depend on your Captain's Luck.
   - Lucky Drop is also obtainable, and will depend on your team's Total Luck.

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