Girls X Battle: General Team Building Guide - Battle Girl Composition

Here's a guide on how to build teams in the RPG Android and iOS game Girls X Battle.

By understanding the roles of each Battle Girls, and by following the recommended team compositions below, you should now be able to create a team according to your style or preference.
Girls X Battle Team Compositions
- General Roles of Battle Girls -

   - Their main objective is to take damages and stay alive for as long as possible.
   - They don't make huge damages, but excellent tanks can hold the front line with control abilities like stun, and/or can also support the team with passive abilities.
   - Note: Front liners and Tanks are totally different, so that means, not all front liners are considered tanks.

Recommended to Upgrade
   - HP, Physical Defense, Spell Resistance, HP Regeneration and Life Steal. Offensive stats are optional.

DPS (Damage Per Second or Strike)
   - Your damage dealers, glass cannons or nukers. Best if they can also support the team with control, debuffs, or buff skills.

Recommended to Upgrade
   - Physical Attack and Physical Crit, or Spell Power and Spell Crit. Survivability stats are optional but increase MP Regeneration.

Crowd Controls (CC)
   - Debuff specialists, Battle Girls that can immobilize enemies and render them useless.
   - Battle Girls with Stun, Silence, Petrify, Sleep, Freeze, Hex, Exile or other similar skills. Most preferred are those that can do AoE (Area of Effect) attacks to control all enemies.
   - For better timing, it's best that you find one that can control enemies using her Ultimate Skill.
   - Note: All control battle girls are also considered as DPS but their main purpose on your team is to CC.

Recommended to Upgrade
   - Same with Tank section above for front liners.
   - Same with DPS section above for mid or rear Battle Girls.

   - Mainly Healers with some control and/or support abilities.
   - Battle Girls that can actively or passively buff your team's stats, and/or reduce ("debuff") enemies' stats.

Recommended to Upgrade
   - Same with DPS section above.

- General Team Building Guide -

Team Building Guide: Recommended
   - Here's some most commonly used team formats, even Arena top ranked players use them.

General Format: 1 Tank, 2 DPS, 1 Control, and 1 Support

   - Example #1: Front: 1 Tank,  Middle: 1 DPS and 1 Control, Rear: 1 DPS and 1 Support
   - Here's the most commonly used team composition. You can do your own too, just follow the general format above.

   - Example #2: Front: 1 Tank and 1 DPS, Middle: 1 DPS and 1 Control, Back: 1 Support
   - Example #3: Front: 1 Tank and 1 DPS, Middle: 1 Control, Back: 1 DPS and 1 Support
   - Now, here you'll see that I used 2 front liners, but it's ok because 1 of them is a DPS type.

3 DPS Format: 1 Tank, 3 DPS, and 1 Control
   - If you want to use 3 DPS, it's ok as long that you have 1 Control to cover your team.

   - Example #1: Front: 1 Tank, Middle: 1 DPS and 1 Control, Back: 2 DPS
   - Example #2: | Front: 1 Tank and 1 DPS | Middle: 1 DPS and 1 Control | Back: 1 DPS

Team Building Guide: Not Recommended

Full DPS Format: 1 Tank, 4 DPS or using 5 DPS
   - Also known as glass cannon build, yeah they can do lots of damage, but the problem is, if your opponent has a nice Control, you're team's dead. Chances are, you won't even be able to cast most of your Ultimate Skills.

Dual Tank Format: 2 or More Tanks
   - The problem here is, your Team's DPS output will weaken, and most of the time you'll even lose your 1st or 2 tanks fast, before you can take down your enemy's tank. How? One reason is because AOE attacks are area based, and melee attacks have splash damages, so those 2 tanks will always take damage at the same time.

   - There are some exceptions here though, but I only suggest this for experienced players.

Stacking 3 or More Under One Position
   - Same as above, do not stack 3 or more front liners because they will suffer from AOE attacks and DPS' melee splash attacks.
   - Mid position is a little risky but still doable with 3. Rear area should be ok to have 3 but not 4.

Team Building Guide: FAQs

Is It OK to Use 2 Control or 2 Support?
   - Yes, as long that your team has a good synergy, and make sure that their control abilities will not overlap, which will make the other one useless.

When Is It OK to Use 2 Tanks?
   - Once your Battle Girls are around Lvl 85+, tanks will become harder to beat, thus making battles much longer than usual. They actually call the 2nd tank as "Off-Tank", but still requires a nice team synergy though.

   - Other players also consider using Dual Tanks only if they don't have a Control Battle Girl present for their team, especially for PVP Arena.

Are Healer Teams Viable?
   - Possible but only at higher levels (around Lvl 85+),  and are used for Arena defense only. Their main goal is to win by slowly defeating the attacking team, or via time limits.

- Example Basic Teams with Common BGs -

Physical Based Team (Must Be At Least Purple)
   - Iron Fist, Smartie, Gambler, Tenesse, and Pandaria
   - Potential: Purple until around Lvl 70. Replace Gambler above Lvl 73 with better DPS.

Magic Based Team (Must Be At Least Blue+2)
   - Wildtress/Leona, Blowie, Lily/Psychic (or similar control), Elvis, and Angel
   - Elvis and Angel can be replaced with other Support BGs you might like to try.
   - Blowie's DPS might not be ideal for PvP after Purple+, replace if needed. Blowie and this team is still excellent for PvE though, and will come back and dominate PVP at Lvl 85+

Champion Mode Team
   - Succuba, Blowie, Lily/Psychic (or similar control), Elvis, and Angel
   - Elvis and Angel can be replaced with other Support BGs you might like to try.
   - Potential: From early game to end game.

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