Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 (MAA 2) Iso-8 Crystals Guide

In Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 (MAA 2), slotting Iso-8 Crystals is done on the Hero Equipping page, which unlocks as the character gains levels.

Once unlocked, each Hero in your collection may socket Iso-8 to boost specific hero stats like Attack or Defense, furthermore they can also be equipped on a Hero to unlock bonus SET abilities.
Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 Iso-8 Crystals
- Iso-8 Crystals: Tiers and Tile Colors -

Sliver > Chip > Fragment > Shard
   - This is the only way to increase the base stats and secondary stats of Iso-8 Crystals.
   - Prioritize Tiers + Key Stats before anything else.
   - Tip: An Iso-8 Crystal Fragment that has 3 or 4 Key Stats is better than an Iso-8 Crystal Chip that has 5 stats.

Iso-8 Crystals: Tile Colors

Determining Hero Base Stats
   - The color of each Iso-8 Crystal is important, as each color corresponds to a primary hero stat.
Match the Tile Colors to Get Bonuses
   - Matching the color of a Crystal to the color of the Hero slot provides +50% bonus to the relevant character stats as well. It is advisable to follow these color tiles because the bonuses are just too hard to ignore (note that Prismatic Iso-8 Crystals can be equipped into any Tile color).

   - Green: Base Stat = Health
   - Red: Base Stat = Attack
   - Blue: Base Stat = Defense
   - Silver: Base Stat = Speed
   - Yellow: Base Stat = Accuracy
   - Purple: Base Stat = Evasion
   - Prismatic: Base Stat = All Stats

What Are Fillers?
   - In case you don't have any available Iso-8 Crystal that matches a Tile Color, you can put "Fillers", a temporary Iso-8 Crystal until you can get a better one.

   - Prismatic Iso-8 Crystals always gives +50% bonus whichever Tile you equip it into, making it a nice example of a Filler Iso-8 Crystal, even better if the secondary stats included enhances your Hero's primary stats.
   - You can also put any Iso-8 Crystals as Fillers.

What Will Happen If I Replace or Remove an Iso-8 Crystal?
   - After paying the fee with Silver, the replaced or removed Iso-8 Crystal will go back to your Inventory, so don't hold back and equip them to your Heroes. Experiment and have fun!

General Stats Information

   - Determines the maximum health the hero has; successful attacks on a hero reduces their health; when a hero’s health reaches 0, they are removed from combat.
   - Used to determine how much damage the hero does in combat; heroes with high Attack deal more damage with the same action.
   - A hero’s Defense impact how much damage they take from attacks; heroes with high Defense take less damage from the same action.
   - Determines how often a hero can perform actions; heroes with high Speed perform actions more frequently than those with a lower Speed.
   - Determines how likely the hero is to hit or crit with their attack; heroes with high Accuracy are more likely to hit their target, and are more likely to deliver a critical hit (or even land a Devastating hit!).
   - A hero’s Evasion determines how likely they are to dodge attacks and how likely they are to receive crits; heroes with high Evasion are less likely to be hit or crit by an opponent.

- Iso-8 Crystals: Star Ratings -

Ranges from 1-Star to 5-Stars
   - The more Stars associated with an Iso-8 Crystal, the more secondary stats are added.
   - Secondary Stats: Health, Attack, Defense, Speed, Accuracy, and Evasion

   - 1-Star () = Base Stat Only
   - 2-Stars (= Base Stat + 1 Random Secondary Stat
   - 3-Stars (= Base Stat + 2 Random Secondary Stats
   - 4-Stars (= Base Stat + 3 Random Secondary Stats
   - 5-Stars (= Base Stat + 4 Random Secondary Stats

   - Stars and Stats from Iso-8 Crystals are fixed and cannot be upgraded. Obtain higher Tier Iso-8 Crystals to increase desired stats.

How to Determine My Secondary Stats?
   - If you don't have a clue, just follow the Tile Colors your heroes have.

   - Example: Hawkeye's Tile Colors are Yellow, Silver, Red, and Purple. So aim for Accuracy, Speed, Attack, and Evasion as base and secondary stats for every Iso-8 Crystal. Other stats included can be any since it's random, or simply find the extra stat you like (probably Health).

   - Another Example: Wasp's Iso-8 Crystal Tile Colors are Purple (Evasion)Silver (Speed), and Red (Attack). She has 3 primary stats that you should aim for every Iso-8 Crystal, the other 2 stats can be Accuracy, Health or Defense. Now, focus more into Accuracy if you want your attacks to hit, but it is also ok to focus on Health and/or Defense more if you want your Wasp to just tank and dish out buffs and debuffs. My point is, any extra stats will do as long that you have her primary stats, especially Evasion.

Optional Method: The Prismatics!
MAA 2 Prismatic Iso-8
   - Using Hawkeye's Iso-8 Tile Colors above as our example, let's say you don't like Evasion, and only want to focus on AccuracySpeed, and Attack, then here's my advice:
   - Do not equip a Purple Iso-8 Crystal into his Purple Tile, instead, insert a Prismatic Iso-8 Crystal with at least AccuracySpeed, and Attack as secondary stats, it's better and will give you more stats that you need.

   - Another Example: If you want Wasp to just focus more on dodging attacks, then put Prismatic Iso-8 Crystals with at least Evasion as secondary stat to all Tiles that is not Purple or only her Red Tile. Is it recommended? for PvE yes, to boost her Evasion and help you get through Heroic Stages. Add other secondary stats you might need together with Evasion, especially Speed (yup, Wasp still needs it).

- Iso-8 Crystals: Set Bonuses -

Iso-8 Crystals: Set Bonuses
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Iso-8 Set
   - Slotting the required number of Crystals in an Iso-8 Set provides an additional set bonus.
   - Some Sets will require 2 to 6 pieces to activate the Set bonus.

   - Alert = Your attacks can attack Stealthy characters.
   - Barricading = Gain a Shield at 50% health.
   - Belligerent = Increases Free Attack damage by 50%.
   - Benevolent = Resist death once per battle.
   - Coordinated = 50% chance to counter-attack when an ally is attacked.
   - Evasive = Gain a temporary offensive boost when an incoming attack misses or grazes.
   - Experimental = 20% increased chance to apply buffs and debuffs.
   - Galactic = Your attacks penetrate and destroy Shields.
   - Impenetrable = Take 50% less damage from attacks while above 90% health.
   - Indomitable = 20% chance to resist debuffs (Only Mental, Physical, and Tactical debuffs).
   - Mighty = Attacks are uncounterable.
   - Reinforcing = Take 25% less damage from Free Attacks.
   - Rejuvenating = Restores health over time.
   - Unstoppable = Your attacks bypass Protecting targeting restrictions.
   - Veiled = Start each wave Stealthy.

   - Note: More Iso-8 Crystals can be unlocked as you unlock more Chapter Missions.

Should I Prioritize Stats over Sets?
   - Yes, better aim for higher tier Iso-8 Crystals with more Stars and key Stats for your Hero, then make them a Set later on as a bonus. Move them around your Heroes, experiment and have fun.

How to Get More Iso-8 Crystals?
Crystallization Power Cell
   - From Crystallization Power Cells (Store Option).
   - From Crystallization Lab Power Cells (Limited Time Store Option).
   - Randomly drops from combat, boss, after battle roulettes, and more.
   - Some Iso-8 Crystals are only available from PvP rewards.
   - Note that higher Tiers will start to drop as you advance through the game.

- Iso-8 Crystals: Optimizing Inventory -

Which Iso-8 Crystals to Sell First?
   - Probably the lowest Tiers that you no longer need, and the ones with only 1 or 2 Stars.
   - The maximum amount you can carry in Inventory is 100.
   - You can sell unneeded Iso-8 Crystals for Silver.

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