Hungry Shark World: Arabian Sea Map - Daily Chest Locations

Here are some Hungry Shark World - Arabian Sea Map and images to help you locate all known locations of all Daily Treasure Chests or Hidden Sunken Items.

Note: To better understand these maps, you should buy the "Basic Map" first from the Shop. While playing, just pause the game anytime to view your Arabian Sea Map. Upgrading the map will make the locations of all collectibles appear on the map.
Hungry Shark World Arabian Sea
- General Map Info Guide -
The 10 Daily Chests
   - You can collect up to 10 Daily Chests per map per day, but for this version of Hungry Shark, all 10 Daily Chests will appear randomly. Refer and follow the images below for their possible re-spawn points.
   - Just explore what you can with your current shark, and collect Daily Chests as you visit them.

Obstacle Requirements
   - Depending on your current shark size, some parts of the map cannot be accessed until you are able to upgrade your shark to a bigger one, thus limiting you to complete all 10 Daily Chests per day.
   - Obstacle requirements will also be shown below as S, M, L, XL, or XXL.

- Arabian Sea: Daily Chest Locations -

The Left Most Area of the Map
Hungry Shark World Arabian Sea Left

 The Middle Area of the Map
Hungry Shark World Arabian Sea Mid

The Right Most Area of the Map
Hungry Shark World Arabian Sea Right

Golden Chest Rewards

   - Simply by getting a Daily Chest will reward you Gold, and it will increase as you get more, up to 10 Daily Chests per map.
   - Higher Gold can be obtained from higher maps.
   - It is also possible to get Gems from Daily Chests.

The "HUNGRY SHARK" Letters

   - Ignore the letters above, since all letters will get jumbled every time you enter a map. Just refer to your Basic Map, if you have one for the locations.
   - Basic Maps will show 1 letter at a time, while an Upgraded Map will always show all letters.

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