Heroes and Titans 3D: Best Ways to Use Diamonds and Gold - Walkthrough 2

The 2nd part of the quick walkthrough, tips, tricks, and strategy guide for new players playing Heroes and Titans 3D. If you are having a hard time deciding which feature to focus on more, then this guide will help you.
Heroes of Titans Farming Hero Spirits
- Heroes and Titans 3D: Beginner's Guide 2 -

The Best Ways to Spend Diamonds for F2P Players
#1 Priority Should Be the Energy Recharge
   - Yes, it's the best way to:
   - get more Heroes by farming Hero Spirits from Elite Stages.
   - boost Team or Hero Levels through battles.
   - get more Gold for upgrading skills.
   - and to Promote Heroes by farming their equipment.

   - Even if you can't play much everyday, at least buy 1 or 2 Energy Recharge per day. Tap on the "Energy bar" to open the option window.

#2 Priority: Resetting Elite Stages
   - Simply to increase your Hero Spirits farming speed, also a high priority.
   - 1st Reset =  10 gems; 2nd Reset: 20 gems; 3rd Reset: 50 gems
   - Only do 1 or 2 Resets per stage per day, depending on your Diamonds gain.
   - Note: Elite Reset feature is available for free users after certain version updates.

The Lucky Spin
   - Do this only once a day to get the Team Lvl EXP from your Daily Quests.
   - Available at Team Lvl 15.

The "Buy 10 Gold Chests" (Optional)
   - Well, this is kinda hard for F2P gamers because the required Diamonds is somewhat high, it's better to spend Diamonds to Energy and farm Hero Spirits to get specific Heroes early on then just earn your excess Diamonds for this one as you go.
   - It is luck based so it's optional, and done only if you have low hero pool.

*Others are optional.

The Best Ways to Spend Diamonds for VIP Players

What is the Recommended VIP Lvl?
   - At least VIP 3 to unlock Battle Speed+ and more chances for resets. Higher than VIP 5 is optional.

#1 Priority Should Be the Energy Recharge
   - Same as above, but this time you can buy more depending on your VIP Lvl.
   - 1st and 2nd recharge requires 50 Diamonds each, 3rd to 5th recharge is 100 Diamonds each, then stop because the next one will require 200 Diamonds.

Resetting Elite Stages
   - Simply to increase your Hero Spirits farming speed, also a high priority.
   - 1st Reset =  10 gems; 2nd Reset: 20 gems; 3rd Reset: 50 gems
   - Only do 1, 2 or 3 Resets per stage per day, depending on your Diamonds gain.

The "Buy 10 Gold Chests" (Optional)
   - For VIP gamers, this feature is a good way to spend some extra Diamonds, especially early game, even better if the server is pretty new.
    - It is luck based so it's optional, and done only if you have low hero pool.

The Lucky Spin
   - Do this only once a day to get the Team Lvl EXP from your Daily Quests.
   - Available at Team Lvl 15.

There are so many other things you can do, including the Spirits Chests (version 1.3 patch) where you can get new VIP only Heroes or Hero Spirits (depends on the current update), but all are optional and depends on player preference.

- The PVA (Person vs AI) Arena -

PvA (or PVP) Arena (Unlocks at Team Lvl 10)
   - A nice place to get Diamonds, Gold, Arena Coins for the Arena Shop, EXP items, and more.

   - Fight teams with lower Team Power than yours to get a higher chance of winning. Free Diamonds will be rewarded depending on the difference of your current rank to the next one.
   - The key here is to form a team that works together. Mix, match, and experiment to find what suits your defensive and offensive playing style.

   - If you can't win anymore, you an still purposely lose fights to complete the "Arena" Daily Activity for more Team EXP.

Arena Rules
   - Check the Rules to see the rewards you can get with your current Rank.
   - Also check the reset time, and the time when they will finalize the rankings and send the Arena rewards.Use it to increase your rankings before they finalize the rankings, this way, you'll get better chance of getting more rewards.

Arena Leaderboard
   - Check the "Leaderboard" to see what other players are using, observe and learn some Hero combinations and ideas here.

Best Ways to Spend Coins/Tokens
Note: This also applies to other similar "Redeem Shops" like Dungeons and Expeditions, except for the Shops that requires Diamonds to refresh.

Hero Spirits
   - For early game, only use your Coins/Tokens/Points for Hero Spirits to get more heroes or to evolve your existing ones.

Refresh Shop
   - If you have excess Coins/Tokens/Points, use "Refresh" to buy more Hero Spirits or Purple Gears per day, increasing your gain rate.

Purple Gears
   - If you don't need any of the Heroes available, it's ok to start buying Purple or Orange Gears.

- More Early Game Unlockables -

Nice Ways to Spend Your Gold

For Upgrading Hero Skills
   - Explained from the previous guide.

Chapter 2: Shop Unlocked!
   - A place where you can sell your loots, only sell the ones that pops up.
   - If you have extra Gold, buy all items here unless you already owned a lot. This is good in-case you'll need them for later Promotions, especially EXP potions and Hero Spirits (not the ones that can only be bought with Diamonds though).

Enchanting Gears
   - Unlocks at Team Level 24.
   - Like what I've stated from the previous guide, do this only once your Hero reached Purple+. Check and prioritize stats that is important for that Hero.
   - Never Enchant right before Promotion, or else, you'll just waste a lot of Gold. All Stats from Item Enchants will NOT carry over after the Promotion, only the base stats of the items equipped.
   - Optional: Unless you just want to get the Team Exp from completing the Enchantment Daily Quest, then just do it once a day.

"Buy 10" Silver Chests
   - Only when you are at higher Lvls (70+ or 80+) and have lots of excess Gold. Your aim here is to get Hero Spirits for evolving, and Purple Gears.
   - Note that if you get a Hero, and that Hero is someone you already have, then it will be converted to Hero Spirits, the number of pieces depends on the default Stars of the Hero.

There are probably more like for crafting and such but these should be your main objectives.

Team Lvl 18: Plunder
   - Available after the version 1.3 update patch.

Engraving Feature
   - Engraving of Unique Equipment will be unlocked once your hero reaches Blue Promotion. Refer above sample screenshot for the unlocked feature.
   - To get the materials needed for engraving, tap on the items to direct you to the Plunder feature.

Promote Unique Item
   - Plunder materials and Promote, to unlock more bonus stats.

Plundering Tips
   - Best done when you have lots of chances for plundering, try to complete all materials and compose them to a full item to make them safe from other plunderers. Yes, players can only plunder materials, not full items.
   - Prioritize Unique Equipments that gives a nice bonus to their wielders, go for your core heroes first.

Team Lvl 20: Trials
   - A nice place to farm lots of EXP Potions, Gold, and Gears for Promotions.
   - Select an available stage, then check the levels of your enemies (tap+hold portrait) to see if you can beat them.
   - Note: Never sell your EXP Potions!
   - Although it's tempting to sell them for Gold Coins, especially early to mid game, I would still recommend that you keep them for later Lvls, for your core or other new Heroes.

   - Customize your team according to what you need: To counter Magical/Physical Immunities or to fulfill the requirement of the stage.
   - Check the tip above the hero selection screen to get an idea.
   - Mind the time limit per wave, sometimes it's best to barrage them with skills whenever you can.

Team Lvl 22: Dungeons
   - Another great place to farm gears and materials for Hero Promotion. Plus, it doesn't require Energy to play.

   - You can only explore 1 dungeon at a time. While exploring, tap on the mini-map to make it bigger, drag to help you navigate around.
   - As much as possible, try to complete a dungeon within a day, or else you'll end up using more resources for the next dungeon run, decreasing your equipment or materials gain rate.

   - If you run out of Steps, either buy more Steps using Gems, or just hit the PAUSE button and leave. Select the "Reset" option if you want to abandon the current dungeon and open another one.
   - Optional: At higher levels, it is also a good idea to buy 10 Steps for 10 Gems per day, even if you can complete the dungeon, because it's cheaper instead of spending more Gems (2 or 3 times) if you get in trouble on the next Dungeon run.

   - Note: After certain game update patches, Steps will be removed and replaced by Energy requirement per Battle only.

Team Lvl 25: Item Lab and Item Function
   - Some of the dungeon bosses are pretty nasty, they can heavily attack your team with just one hit! One way to avoid this is to use Invincibility Potions or Spell/Physical Defense Potions depending on what you need.
   - Note: When quitting losing matches (PAUSE > QUIT), items used will be given back. This will give you a chance to experiment further on how to defeat hard battles.

   - Other Rewards: Dungeon Coins, check "Best Ways to Spend Coins" above.
   - Check the in-game Rules for more details.

Team Lvl 28: Expeditions
   - The best way to earn lots of Gold, especially if you can reach and complete all 15/15 stages. Plus, it doesn't require Energy to play.
   - Focus on creating 1 solid team or multiple teams for this Mode, one of the challenging features in the game, but really needs balancing.
   - Using Heroes that can Heal themselves to withstand multiple waves (Support and Tank), with some high DPS heroes and 1 Control are great here.

   - Use your Heroes and skills wisely per stage, use the lower stages to charge your heroes' Stamina bars, then unleash them when needed.
   - Time your control skills to interrupt enemy "manual skills", you can do this by listening closely, they will say some taunts before they activate their skills (just familiarize yourself with the game as you play), so when they do, use your control skill to cancel their skill/s.

Useful Tips and Rules
   - Number 1 rule: Use "PAUSE > QUIT" if one of your core heroes is dead!
   - Number 2 rule: Use "PAUSE > QUIT" if your team is at a disadvantage!
   - Number 3 rule: Use "PAUSE > QUIT" if you want to try a different strategy ("for learning purposes hehe").
   - Quitting battles will also return your used Item buffs.

No After Victory Rewards!?
   - But you can open chests every after battle. Rewards can be Gold, Items, Hero Spirits and also a chance to instantly acquire new Heroes!

   - Some Chests will give Expedition Coins that you can Redeem from the Shop. Again, check "Best Ways to Spend Coins" above on how to spend them.
   - Check the in-game Rules for more details.

Congratulations! If you reached this point, then I hope you already know what you are doing. Gold, Energy and Diamonds shouldn't be a problem, since you already know where to get and how to use them properly.

More in-game features will unlock once you reach higher levels, Good Luck and Happy Playing! ^^

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