Angel Stone: How To Get More Legendary Equipment or Items

Legendary Items are the highest Grade available for equipment in the game, it gives better stats overall and a Unique or Skill Option as bonus stat. To get more of these Legendary items, refer below for some of the common sources.
- How to Get More Legendary Equipment -

Supply Chest Milestone Rewards
   - Open the Supply Chest from your Inventory once you reach the required level.

Dropped From Normal Dungeon Runs
   - Select Equipment Cells on the Path Selection screen.
   - You must complete the stage in order to get the items. In-case you failed a stage while a Legendary item is present in your loot chest, this is the best time to use your free "Revive" to complete it.

Dropped From Party Dungeon Runs
   - Same as Normal Dungeon runs, complete the stage, revive if needed.
   - You can also get more than 1 Legendary gear if you are lucky enough.

The Golden Goblin!
   - If your party encounters this goblin during runs, then it's your lucky day! Defeat the goblin to receive a nice Legendary Item.
   - Note though that the Golden Goblin in ACT IV's "Bill Greed" Boss Area doesn't count, but there is a chance that your team will run into this guy before the Boss Area, randomly appears together with Tim Greed.
   - Higher chance to encounter when playing Party Dungeons with higher difficulty.

   - So far, this is the best way to get free Legendary gears for your character class.
   - Chance Rate: 100% Legendary for the next item drop.

How to Trigger Fever Time?
   - We have a somewhat in-depth guide on how Fever Time triggers, to get the idea, visit this link: Angel Stone: How to Trigger Fever Time and Goblin Raids

Demon Raids Milestone Rewards
   - Unlocks at Hero Lvl 24.
   - This is a pretty nice source of Legendary Items while progressing through the game. Go and complete what you can to unlock more rewards!

Crafting an Elite Equipment to Legendary
   - Crafting will require Crafting Materials and Gold, success chance is always 100%.

Where to Farm Crafting Materials?
   - Can be farmed from Battle Zone monsters.
   - Can be farmed from the Airship twice a day. Street of White Night (Single Target Only) drops Mythrils and Zecharites
   - Buy from the Demon Shop or Magic Shop.

   - Better save your Crafting Materials until around Lvl 50+ or 60 because...
   - Crafting Elites to Legendaries at Lvl 60 will require 20 Zecharites, 400 Mythrils and 250,000 Gold, so save them up!

Where to Farm Elite Gears?
   - Same, from Normal Dungeon or Party Dungeon  Runs.
   - At Lvl 60, farm your Elite gears from the Demon Dimension, or buy from the Shops.

Magic Shop
   - Yup, it is possible, by chance and it is worth around 150,000 Gold for a Lvl 49 Legendary gear for example.

- Quick Tips for Beginners -

To avoid getting 2 Legendary Items of the same type early to mid game, it is recommended to check what you really need first, to give your hero a nice boost.

After Triggering Fever Time
   - Which Legendary Item is best for my hero next?

Prioritize Your Current Lvl Range
   - Let's say item sets are based per Lvl range, example: [Lvl 1 to 9], [Lvl 30 to 39], or [40 to 49].
   - Upgrade your gears to Legendaries according to your Hero's Lvl. Example, if your Hero is Lvl 32, you should aim for Lvl 30 to 39 Legendary Equipments. If none available or you can't still finish the next dungeon stages, go for the nearest lower Lvl gears like Lvl 29 Armor or Lvl 28 Ring.

Checking Your Sources
   - Example: Your Hero is Lvl 30.
   - You might also want to check your Supply Chest from your inventory, if the next Legendary Item for example is a Lvl 31 Legendary Helmet, this time do not use your Fever Time to get a Lvl 31 Helmet, focus instead on getting Lvl 32+ items or a Lvl 30 Weapon if you are still using a Rare or Elite one.

   - Another similar source is the Demon Raids Rewards, check below for the line up of Legendary items per Lvl completion.

   - Stage 2: Lvl 23 Legendary Boots
   - Stage 4: Lvl 27 Legendary Side Arm
   - Stage 10: Lvl 33 Legendary Boots
   - Stage 14: Lvl 37 Legendary Sidearm
   - Stage 19: Lvl 44 Legendary Pauldrons
   - Stage 24: Lvl 47 Legendary Sidearm
   - and so on...

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