ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time - How to Add Friends using HIVE Account

Play the game with a HIVE Account (or link your Facebook account) to be able to invite/accept friends in-game, this feature is not available for Guest Accounts. Note that Friends in-game and HIVE friends are different.
How To Add HIVE Friends?

Access Hive (In-Game)
   - Go to the in-game Settings (Gear Icon) Menu then click on the HIVE button.

HIVE Page (Off-Game)
   - Go to your Profile > Friends > Add Friend
   - Search for HIVE IDs or Names.

   - Under the search bar, you can also scroll down to check the "Suggested Friends" section, add anyone that you know or like.
   - Above the search bar, click on the "Received" tab to check friend requests.

Where is my HIVE ID?
   - Your HIVE ID can be found in your Profile: user********
   - Share this ID in-game or to your friends to add you up.
   - You can also post your IDs in the comments section below, to let other readers here add you.

Add Hive Friend Rewards
   - You can check the available rewards via the [Friends] section in-game, then check the [Invite Friend] tab.
   - Note that rewards varies depending on the current in-game event.

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