ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time - Customizing Items: Resets and Gems

Customizing Items is the last step for polishing poor items to a stronger one. If you still can't find or pick a nice base item for your item customization, refer here first: Enhancing and Evolving Item Gears.
- Resetting Item Stats -

Resetting an Item's Stats is free after the server resets, then the Gold requirement will increment per reset attempt, until the next server reset.

Resetting Item Stats
   - Select the item you want then go to it's "Customize" menu.
   - Select the "Reset" option to start your attempt.
Zenonia S Reset Gears
   - Resetting is also one of the biggest money sinkers in the game, so if you can't get the stats you want for your item, don't push it!, especially when you have limited Gold and the fees are too high.
   - To be safe, always maintain at least 200k to 500k Gold for other purposes.

Protecting a Stat
   - You can protect all existing Stat options but 1.
   - Unprotected optional stats will be randomly changed upon reset.
   - Each protected stat will require Evolve Points, but it is recommended that you only do this after resetting a newly upgraded item gear (Tier Up or Grade Up) at least once. Remember, higher grades and tiers gives higher stat bonuses, so it is advisable to reset your gears to increase their stat bonuses.

How To Get More Evolve Points?
Zenonia S Salvage Gears
Salvage All Grade "D" Main Gears
   - It's an excellent way to get [Evolve Points], do salvage "unneeded gears" from the start!
   - Grade D accessories are ok to keep though, since accessories are somewhat harder to get.
   - Grade C non-weapon items can also be salvaged if your inventory is getting full, start from your low Tier item gears.
   - Preferably, salvage Grade D items early game that you don't need, like Tier 0 to 2 items.
   - Use and configure the "Auto Select" feature to quickly scan and salvage all Grade D items in your inventory.

Exchange Crystals for Evolve Points (No Longer Available!)
   - You can Salvage your unused Crystals farmed from Boss Raids to Evolve Points.
   - BUT! After the v1.1.0 update patch, this is no longer available!
   - Too bad, this was the fastest way to earn Evolve Points before the said patch...

Other Reset Rules

   - Only start resetting items that you will use for a long period of time.
   - [Stats from Gem Slots] can't be re-rolled by the stats reset option.
   - Up to 2 same type of options can only be attached per item. Example: [Stamina and Stamina], [Evasion Evasion], [Dexterity and Dexterity], and so on...
   - Only [1 Rare option] is allowed per equipment.

Rare Options (1 Per Item Only)
   - Skill Cooldown -%
   - HP Harvest +
   - MP Leeach +
   - MP Use -%
   - Reflect +%

Set of Stats Per Class and Item!
   - After the new update, the game added a new UI for recommended stats per class and item.
   - This update revealed that you can't really get the stats you want per item because the "Reset" feature will only randomly select a number of stats from your class' and item's "Set of Recommended Stats".

Select Your Character Below
   - To help you check their Set of Stats per Item before resetting.

- Adding Gems -

Gems and Gemstones
   - For more info, go here: Gems and Gemstones Info and Tips

Updating Your Gems
   - Once you reach mid game and start to receive Grade B Gems from rewards and shop purchases, you'll notice that the stats from Gems are noticeably higher this time!

   - It looks like Gem Slotting will start to matter more from Grade B Gems. So it's best to update your equipped Gems to get even greater stat bonuses!
   - Grade B Gems can be farmed from Blade Guardian Raid onwards.

- The Recycle System -

The Recycle Option will only appear if the item is allowed to be recycled.
For more info and it's uses, go here: New Equipment System - Tiers and Recycles

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