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Guardian Hunter is an authentic action RPG game presented by NHN Entertainment Corp. Hunt monsters, train your own guardian stronger alongside a variety of other guardians, and enjoy a variety of in-game contents.
Guardian Hunter - Super Brawl RPG General In-Depth Guides -

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- Official Guardian Hunter FAQs  -

How to Play the Game?
   - You assign 2 guardian helpers to your right and left side.
   - At the main screen of the game, click the "STAGE" button to select a stage.
   - If you clear a stage, you can then select Hard/Elite difficulties which are the next stages.

   - You must clear the difficulty levels in Normal > Hard > Elite order, and there are recommended levels for each difficulty level.

   - There are Quests in each stage, and you will receive rewards if you clear all of the missions in a stage.

What is Stamina?
   - Stamina is needed to enter stages, and when all your stamina is consumed, you cannot enter stages.
   - Each warrior, archer, and sorceress uses stamina of sword, arrow, and wand.
   - If you have less than 5 Stamina left, they get recharged by 1 every 20 minutes, or can be purchased with crystals in the Treasure Store.

What Are Completed and Ongoing Quests?
   - If you click the in-game button on the right with an exclamation mark on it, you can view which Quests you have completed and which are still ongoing.

   - For Continuation Quest, you can view your progress for each stage of them, and those that you have completed will be displayed as COMPLETE.

- Hunter Upgrading and FAQs -

How to Change Hunter?
   - At the main screen of the game, you can select a hunter to change it.
   - If you click Menu > Hunter at the top right, you can change your hunter for a warrior, archer, or sorceress.

How to Use Skills?
   - If you face a monster and select the skill you with to use, it will be activated.
   - There is cooldown time for every skill. Even in Auto Mode, you must manually use skills.
   - You can achieve powerful combo skills by using more than 2 movement/skills at once.

How to Make My Hunter Stronger?
   - You can strengthen your hunter by upgrading it's weapon, armor, and skill, or by training them to increase their Attack, Defense, and Critical Hit.
   - By equipping accessories, you can increase a hunter's Speed, SP, and Evasion for a certain amount.

   - You can use Enhance Stones to upgrade your weapons and armor.
   - Enhance Stones can be obtained randomly through the Reward Box when you clear a stage while hunting, and accessories cannot be upgraded.

What is Training?
   - This is divided into skill strengthening and character training.
   - Skill strengthening is an active skill which you use during the game, and character training is a passive skills which is always active.

   - Training can be strengthened with gold, and different skills can be strengthened as you level up.
- Guardian FAQs -

How To Obtain Guardians?
   - Guardians can be obtained by hunting in stages, dungeon and even through the Lucky Box.

   - You may check your guardian's info in the Guardian Menu.
   - Guardian List: Shows you all of the guardians you currently have.
   - Evolve: You can use this to evolve your guardians and make them even stronger.
   - Sell: You can sell some of your current guardians.
   - Book: You can view all of the guardians you've collected to date.

   - Click a Guardian in the Book screen to view it's ability, skill and materials needed to evolve it.

How To Level Up Guardians?
   - If you train or fuse two guardians, you receive Exp, and once you attain a certain amount of Exp, your Guardian will level up.

   - If you select a base guardian in the Guardian > List menu and push the Train button, you may choose up to 4 guardians to use as materials for training your guardian.

   - Using the same type of guardian as your base one gives you bonus attack + HP and reduced skill cooldown time.
   - You may level up easily by gaining much more Exp, if you use a Zombie Guardian as material.

How To Evolve Guardians?
   - You may select a guardian to evolve in the in-game Guardian > Evolve menu, and you can obtain materials needed for evolving guardians in the daily dungeons.

How Do I Obtain and Equip Runes?
   - If you slay the boss in a Boss Raid, you can obtain Runes.
   - They can be equipped in Guardian > Guardian List > Rune.

- In-Game Features and FAQs -

What is Mercenary (Helper)?
   - When hunting monster through dungeons and stages, you can select a friend's guardian (mercenary) from your friend list to help you hunt monsters more easily.
What is Infinite Dungeon?
   - You take up to 2 Guardians into a dungeon where the goal is to get as many points as possible within the given time.

   - You are given 30 seconds for each round, but the time increases with each monster killed.
   - You may purchase special items for the Infinite Dungeon by using gold in order to get a higher score.
   - However, when your playing time or the hunter's HP run out, the dungeon will end.

   - Rankings are reset every Friday at 15:00 (Korean Time).
   - Ranking rewards are issued to Mailbox every Friday at 15:00 based on player rankings.
   - Participation rewards are immediately issued on the number of games joined.

What is Arena?
   - Arena is an area where you may have PvP battle with parties that other users within the game have set.
   - The maximum cost required in order to assign your guardian varies depending on the hunter's level.

What is Boss Raid?
   - You may have up to 8 of your guardians (4 main and 4 sub) to participate in Boss Raid.
   - Guardians assigned to the Boss Raid may be changed, and can be made up to 5 decks.

   - Boss Raid appear at random times, and you may invite your friend to join you if you open a Boss Raid.
   - The player who opened the Boss Raid and all who participate use up Stamina to join.

   - If you defeat the boss, the person who opened the raid receives Runes, crystals, and other rewards.
   - Runes are used to upgrade guardians and you can purchase Zombies Lucky Box Ticket and evolve materials with raid points in the point shop.

What is a Zombie Lucky Box Ticket?
   - Zombie Guardians are used specifically when training/fusing guardians and give you far more Exp that regular guardians.
   - This ticket allows you to obtain a random Zombie Guardian.

More Info on Guardian Lucky Box Function?
   - This is a system where you use crystals and medals to draw guardians of various levels.

   - Premium Guardian Summon Box
   - You may use crystals to randomly draw a level 3 to 6 guardian.

   - Advanced Guardian Summon Box
   - You may use medals to randomly draw a level 3 to 5 guardian.

   - Intermediate Guardian Summon Box
   - You may use medals to randomly draw a level 2 to 4 guardian.

   - Novice Guardian Summon Box
   - You may randomly draw a level 1 to 3 guardian.

More Info on Item Lucky Box Function?
   - You can use crystals and medals to randomly draw items suitable for your hunter's class and level.

   - Premium Weapon Lucky Box
   - You can use crystals and randomly draw a level-appropriate magic, rare, unique or legendary weapon.

   - Premium Armor Lucky Box
   - You can use crystals and randomly draw a level-appropriate magic, rare, unique or legendary armor.

   - Premium Accessory Lucky Box
   - You can use crystals and randomly draw a level-appropriate magic, rare, unique or legendary accessories.

   - Item Lucky Box: You can randomly draw items that suit your hunter's class and level.
   - It is possible to draw normal-rare level equipment, skin or potions.

What are Guardian Roots?
   - There are 5 Roots in Guardian Roots: Flame, Freezing, Nature, Light and Darkness.
   - These Roots work together in different ways, so keep this in mind when using your guardian in battle to get better results.

I Don't Have Enough Inventory Space?
   - For your inventory and guardian storage, you are given 15 and 20 slots respectively.
   - If you use a crystal, you may add an additional 5 slots.
   - In addition, you may sell unused items or guardians (can also be used as training materials) in the store in order to free up slots.

- Social Features and FAQs -

How Many Friends Can I Invite?
   -You may have up to 10 friends at first, but you may have more depending in your level.

How Do I Send Message to a Friend?
   - You may send messages by selecting a registered friend in Mailbox > Write > Friend within the game.

How to Talk to Other Users in the Game?
   - If you click the switch bubble icon on the left within the game, you can use the chatting function.

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