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Cow Evolution - Clicker Game is a casual mobile game presented by Tapps - Top Apps and Games, available on Android - Google Play and iOS App Store. Combine cows to evolve them and discover the most curious, exotic and bizarre forms of cows. As evolution continues, zoom out from your farm and explore the continent, the world and BEYOND!
Cow Evolution - Clicker Game: General In-Depth Guides -

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Cow Evolution - Clicker Game: Beginner's Guide -

Cow Evolution
   - Drag and drop similar cows to evolve them into new and more profitable creatures.
   - If 2 identical Cows are close enough, you can double tap any of them to evolve.
   - Evolved Cows will generate more Coins so don't hold back, keep evolving them!

Earning Coins
   - Cows will automatically generate Coins, but you can also fiercely tap the Cows to make Coins pop from pooping. Note that higher tier Cows will generate more Coins!

   - Fill the Fusion Bar: Evolve 50 pairs to get more bonus Coins from those flying birds, bonuses will depend on your CPS (Coins/second), it's around CPS x 5 per bird.

   - If you need to log out, the Tractor will collect Coins for you while you're away, but it must be emptied every after 2 hours. Upgrade the tractor to increase collection time (optional).

   - Increase CPS, purchase the "Delivery time reducer" and "Chance to deliver bigger Cows". Refer to the Shop: Purchasing Game Enhancers below for more info.

   - Coin production will also increases by 10% each time the Universe (4th Area) is reset.

Earning Free Gems/Diamonds
   - Chance to drop from Delivery Boxes.
   - Earned from the Shop, by sharing the game on Facebook for example.
   - Completing certain achievements will also earn you some Gems.

   - Recreating the 4th area, the Universe! (Get 30 Gems)
   - Selling Apocowlypse, the final form of alien cows that can be found on Mars. They can be traded with the Alien for 30 Gems!

- Cow Shop: Purchasing Cows -

As your Cows poop coins, buy new ones to earn even more money. Purchasing Cows will increase their current price, so to help you decide which and when to buy them, here's some tips:

Smooth Purchasing
   - Yes, to keep it smooth and even to your CPS, Box Delivery rate, and overall efficiency, it's a good idea to purchase Cows until their current price is near half of the next Cow's price and twice as the previous Cow's price.

   - To make things easier with less calculations, do this simple tip:
   - Example: If you purchased 30 Baby Cows, you should only purchase up to 28 Adult Cows, then stop. Next, purchase 26 Mootants, 24 Hypercows, and so on...
   - Yes, just keep the purchase difference between Cows to 2!

When To Buy More Baby Cows?
   - If you are wondering when is the right time to buy more Baby Cows, here's some tips:

   - If you want to be more accurate, follow this:
   - Your current Coins/Sec x 10 = SUM. Now, when purchasing Baby Cows, I suggest you do not exceed far from the calculated SUM. The shortcut for the formula is to just add a 0 to your current Coins/Sec then compare the prices.
   - Note: If you purchased the "Delivery time reducer"from the Shop, replace the x10 above to x5 (shortcut no longer apply).

   - or just slowly purchase Baby Cows, while keeping the purchase difference between Cows to 2, like the first example above.

   - During the early stages of the game, it is also ok to just focus and purchase Farm Cows only (Baby Cow to Mamooth or Alpacow). This way, you can get more Coin bonuses from the birds by fusing lots of Cows!
   - Purchase higher tier Cows once your CPS can keep up or if their prices are way cheaper than Alpacow's.

Other Tips
   - If you see an  AD  icon next to the Cow's "Buy with Coins" option, select it to get that Cow for free after watching the video advertisement.
   - Do not use your Gems for purchasing Cows.

- Shop: When To Buy These Features? -

   - Collects Coins while you're away.
   - Buy once you need to log out from the game for the first time haha. Upgrade if you need more time (depends on how frequently you play).

Delivery Time Reducer
   - I suggest you buy this upgrade once you are able to obtain the required Coins without pressure. Just concentrate on increasing your CPS, this will come eventually.

Chance to Deliver Bigger Cows
   - Same as above, but once you are able to unlock the next upgrades that will require Gems, I suggest you do so. Upgrades here will not reset once you recreate the the Universe!

Special Food Double Coin Production
   - Requires Gems, and it's not permanent so it's totally optional.

Dressing Room: Purchasing Hats -

Hats (Coins)
   - Only purchase if your CPS can generate them easily.
   - Used to complete certain achievements.

   - It is actually cool to buy some of them for your Farm Cows, to make them more visible, easy to move, and mutate, especially those Baby, Adult, and Mootant Cows.

Hats (Gems)
   - Optional: to complete certain achievements. Make sure that you max out the "Chance to deliver bigger Cows" first though.

Unlocking the Alien from Mars! -

Once you evolve 1 Betsy Cow and reach the 3rd area, Mars will be unlocked and the Alien will appear.
Alien Cows
   - Requires Rubies to buy one, to get more Rubies, sell your "Earth" Cows to the Alien.
   - Drag and Drop the type of Cow the Alien is looking for.

   - Note: Apocowlypse, the final form of alien cows on Mars, can be traded with the Alien for 30 Gems. Mars' Apocowlypse is similar to Dairy Daisy's tier.

   - Focus on increasing your CPS instead, until you unlock the 3rd to 5th upgrade of the "Chance to deliver bigger Cows" from the Shop (use this feature to get more Gems for the upgrades). For now, just ignore this, but keep evolving alien Cows if you have earned enough Rubies.

   - If you are ready to complete some achievements and gather Gems, start selling your Cows to the Alien then continue evolving until you unlock the "Generate Bigger Aliens in Eggs" from the Alien Shop. Slowly buy them all to make things faster.

Recreating the Universe! -

The Universe!
   - The fourth and final area of the Cow Evolution Game. In this area you can obtain one of five Ultimate beings!

The Ultimate Beings!
   - You can obtain either Cowtlas, Cowroboros, Divinitits, Mooximus, or Prismoo.
   - You can only have one Ultimate Being each time, and  you can increase the level of this Cow until Lvl 4 by combining more of the lower cows.

Recreating The Universe!
   - Once the Cow has reached level 4, the option to recreate the Universe will appear!

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