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Godfire Rise of Prometheus is an action RPG adventure mobile game presented by Vivid Games S.A.. Available on Android - Google Play and iOS App Store. Play as the titan Prometheus as he embarks on an epic quest in a world of myth and technology. Survive, fight through colossal bosses, and unravel dozens of quests, puzzles, and secrets.
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Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Beginner's FAQs -

Stats Building Guide
   - Max Defense first to increase your survivability, then Attack to increase the damage you do.
   - Next, max Health to increase the amount of damage you can take, then Wrath to let you perform more heavy combos.

   - Farm or obtain Godfire Sparks to upgrade the stats above.

How To Get More Godfire Sparks
   - Ranks: Just successfully complete any stage or mode to get Rank points. Upon reaching certain Rank Levels, you'll be given some free Sparks. Check the RANK section in-game for more info.

   - Achievements: Go to the ACHIEVEMENTS section in-game for more info. Just play through the game early on then complete any achievement you haven't completed later.

   - Complete Quests: Go to the Story Mode then tap on the "Q" icon to view that stage's current quest. Quests are cumulative so you can replay the stage until the requirements are met.
   - There are 6 sets of Quest per stage, and 1 set will give you around 2 Sparks. Complete as many as you can, but if you can't complete a quest, try again later after upgrading your stats and items.

   - Survival Mode: Can be randomly obtained from those 3 chests after playing survival mode.

   - Store: This is optional.

Best Way To Spend Godfire Sparks
   - Use it on your Stats first, then earn them to upgrade your preferred final weapon/s, armor/s, or perks. More items will come together with the new patch updates, so it's better to earn them until late game.

- The Armory -

   - Upgrade your weapon to increase it's damage.
   - Choose what you think is useful for your next stage battle or mode.
   - Can be obtained from story line chests, survival boxes, and achievement rewards.

   - Upgrade your armor to increase it's defense.
   - Choose what you think is useful for your next stage battle or mode.
   - Can be obtained from story line chests, survival boxes, and achievement rewards.
   - While upgrading, more armor like helmet will be added to your titan's armor.

   - Equip earned Perks to gain additional advantages.
   - Check a Perk's description in the Armory to see each one's bonuses.
   - You can carry up to 2 Perks, choose what you think is useful for your next stage battle or mode.
   - Can be obtained from story line chests, survival boxes, and achievement rewards.
   - Notable Perks: Wings of Icarus (see survival mode section below for more info). Face Of The Sun restores HP with each hit (very useful for survival mode).

Store Exclusive Items
   - There are some powerful items that can be bought from the Store, but still optional.

Item Usage
   - You can use multiple items depending on the stage or mode you are playing on.
   - Ex: Chiron's Blast (weapon) gains a lot of attack but cannot gain health or wrath from enemies, this weapon is perfect for survival mode since health and wrath orbs are rare or none at all.
   - You may use other weapons for story mode, time attack mode, to complete certain quests, or to increase your Rank points per run.
   - Note: You can switch items while in battle.

Item Upgrading
   - Upgrade better weapons and armors as you progress through the game to make your game easier, but only use Coins. For Perks, just upgrade the ones you really need.
   - Use your Godfire Sparks only for your final items, and after maxing your stats.

- Coins: Do's and Don'ts -

How To Get More Coins
   - Story Mode: Open chests and destroy vases to get Coins. Use the "Ariadne's Thread" Perk to help you explore all areas per stage. Get "Discovered: 100%" to get all Coins.
   - Survival Mode: If you want to farm Coins, just replay this mode. Coins can be randomly obtained by breaking vases, and can be looted from chests (note: chests with "white" aura or color will give you Coins. "Red" chests = HP, and "Yellow" chests = Wrath.)

   - Other Freebies: Go to the Store and login using your facebook account and like their page to get some free Coins. Select the "Free" option to get more free Coins (optional because it will require app installation).

   - Store: This is optional.

Best Way To Spend Coins
   - Use it to upgrade your weapons, armors, and perks. It's ok to upgrade any weapon or armor you currently have with Coins, since it's farmable anyway. For Perks, just upgrade the items you need most.
   - Use it also to unlock the 2nd Perk slot.

   - Do not use your Coins for Auto Leveling (Instant Offer after stage/mode completion).
   - Do not select "Continue" if you failed a stage because it will consume Coins, select the "Give up" option instead to replay the current scene, or hit the "Home" icon to try other easier stages for now.
   - Do not use any "One Round Power-Ups" unless your have spare Coins to use.

Story Mode
   - Play to advance the story line, get new items, complete quests, gain rank points, and more.
   - Discover 100% by using Ariadne's Thread.

Time Attack Mode
   - Play to complete certain achievements, and claim more Godfire Sparks.

Survival Mode
   - Replay this mode to farm Coins, Godfire Sparks, and items.

   - One notable item here to farm is the Wings of Icarus (perk). Once you obtain the item pieces by replaying Survival mode, keep on farming it's pieces to increase the stats of your Wings of Icarus by +1%!
   - At Rank Lvl 50, this item can be maxed up to +60%!

- Battle Mode and Tips -

Quick or Light Attacks
   - Doesn't consume Wrath.
   - Not effective against shielded enemies, throw their guard first.

Heavy Attacks
   - Heavy Attacks consumes Wrath, but using heavy attacks from light combos are ok.
   - Disrupts shielded enemies.

   - Combine quick and heavy attacks to perform combos.
   - Light > Heavy
   - Light > Light > Heavy
   - Light > Light > Light > Heavy
   - These combos are available from the start, increase your Rank Lvl to unlock more.
   - Ex: at Rank Lvl 40: Light > Light > Light > Light > Light > Light > Heavy

   - Heavy Combo: Heavy > Heavy > Heavy

Block and Deflects
   - Hold the block icon to stop incoming attacks.
   - Warning!, enemy combos can break your block and leave you vulnerable!
   - Press the block icon right before a light attack connects to break an enemy's combo, or to deflect their attack.

   - You can use Block to reset your target to the nearest enemy. Useful when your titan is targeting an enemy behind enemy groups, instead of the one in-front or nearest to you.

Dodging Attacks
   - Use the dodge stick to avoid incoming attacks.
   - Note that enemies will start to attack if your titan is inside their area, use dodge to get out from tight situations, avoid getting ganged!
   - Fight 1 on 1 then dodge out if a nearby enemy starts to attack you.
   - Use dodge to move around, this is useful to target enemy healers or buffers.

   - When an enemy is weakened, you can kill it using a finisher.
   - Tap the red icon near your attack icons before they disappear for a longer finisher. Successful finishers will reward you Health or Wrath Boost!
   - It's easier to perform a finisher while doing combos, and once you see the HP bar of your enemies near empty, start tapping the red icon even if it's not there.

Wrath Attacks
   - The Titan's Wrath button will glow when it's ready to use.
   - Tap it to unleash a powerful wrath attack.

   - You will not be able to use another titan's wrath for the duration of the cooldown, but some items can shorten it's cooldown.

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