BombSquad: FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

BombSquad is an action and arcade multiplayer battle arena "party" game presented by Eric Froemling. Now also available on Android - Google Play!

Team  up against the computer and harness your mastery of physics to barrage your opponents from afar with precision-thrown bombs, or simply charge in and toss your enemies off the nearest cliff!
BombSquad Gameplay Trailer -

BombSquad General In-Depth Guides -

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BombSquad Controls and Maneuvers -

Set Your Controllers and Profiles First

   - Go to Settings > Controllers
   - Configure Touchscreen: Adjust the scales the way you want then drag the 2 controls to re-position them according to your gaming style.

   - Mobile Devices as Controllers: If you are short on controllers, install the BombSquad Remote app on your iOS or Android devices to use them as controllers. Links here for iOS or Android.
   - Players can join and leave in the middle of most games, and you can also plug and unplug gamepads on the fly.

   - Create player profiles for yourself and your friends with your preferred names and appearances instead of using random ones.

   - Despite their looks, all characters' abilities are identical, so just pick whichever one you most closely resemble.

To Play Campaign Mode, Go to Co-op Mode

- Here you can practice against bots. Learn the curves, master the controls and combos, then show your skills against your friends or other players.

   - Punches do more damage the faster your fists are moving (physics based), so try running, jumping, and spinning like crazy.
   - You can aim your punches by spinning left or right.
   - Spinning or running punches are useful for knocking bad guys off edges or scoring in hockey.

   - A perfectly timed "running-jumping-spin-punch" can kill in a single hit and earn you lifelong respect from your friends. If you kill an enemy in one hit, you get double points for it.

   - How to Do the "running-jumping-spin-punch" Trick:
   - Running: Tap and Hold Jump and start running towards your target, try to maintain a straight line.
   - Jumping: Before you reach your target, release and tap on the Jump control again to perform your jump. Do the Spin right after jumping.
   - Spin: While in mid-air quickly spin to any direction using your "movement control". Just move it around, any direction will do, just make sure that your character is spinning mid-air.
   - Punch: Upon contact, hit Punch to deliver killing blow!

   - Here's some tips that you might want to practice first:

   - Method 1:
   - Go to the first Campaign Stage under Co-Op to practice this:
   - Move closer to your target but give some space, then Jump > Spin + Punch upon contact. Learn where you should start your Jump, and when to Spin then Punch.
   - If you knocked the enemy down, you did it right.
   - Sometimes, spamming Punch will do the trick.

   - Method 2:
   - Go to the first Campaign Stage under Co-Op to practice this:
   - Tap and Hold Jump and start running towards your target, run around first if you need to.
   - Once you get closer, Jump then Punch, don't Spin for now. This is to practice where you need to start your Jump.
   - If you knocked the enemy down, you did it right.

   - If you can do the 2 methods above, try and practice the "running-jumping-spin-punch".
   - If you killed a fully healed enemy in one shot, or if the knocked enemy is "red" and blinking , then you did it right! Congrats! ^^

   - When is the Best Time to Do this Trick?
   - Anytime you feel confident doing it, or if you see these opportunities:

   - When you have the Boxing Gloves item for massive damages!
   - Attack opponents who are clamped together to get double kills or more!
   - Attack opponents who are "cooking off" bombs, or right after freezing them with Ice-Bombs!

Pick Up and Throw
   - Many things can be picked up and thrown, including other players. Tossing your enemies off cliffs can be an effective and emotionally fulfilling strategy.

   - Grab flags, enemies, or anything else not bolted to the around. Press again to throw.

   - Throw strength is based from the direction your are holding.

   - To toss something gently in front of you, don't hold any direction.

   - If someone picks you up, punch them and they'll let go!

   - Jump to cross small gaps, to throw things higher, and to express feelings of joy.
   - Recommended control for Running (tap and hold).

   - Stronger than punches but can result in grave self-injury if not thrown before bomb explodes.
   - If 2 Bombs clashes, both will explode, so be careful!
   - You can judge when a bomb is going to explode based on the color of sparks from it's fuse:!

   - How to Do the "Cooking Off" Trick?
   - For best results, throw towards enemy before fuse runs out. Keep moving and don't stand still when throwing Bombs though.

   - Here's a sample bomb throw timing called "cooking off": Pick up then quickly count 3 seconds ("one thousand thousand thousand 3") then throw!

   - Start the count right after you select bomb, then throw on 3, you can also throw it after 3 seconds if your enemy is somewhat closer to you. Time it well though or else, you'll get hurt too.
   - This way, bombs thrown will instantly explode upon landing, and are harder to dodge because they don't have time to move.

   - If you see someone doing this trick, better start running because simply walking won't help you dodge the bomb, especially against opponents that can time it perfectly.

   - Run back and forth before throwing a bomb to "whiplash" it and throw farther.
   - You can throw bombs higher if you jump before throwing.

   - Hold down any button to run. You'll get places faster but won't turn very well, so watch out for cliffs.
   - I recommend using the jump control (tap and hold) for running.
   - If possible, avoid staying near cliffs to avoid being thrown or knocked off edges.

BombSquad Items, Power Ups and Bombs -

Boxing Gloves
   - Makes your Punches harder, faster, better, and stronger.

Energy Shields
   - Absorbs a bit of damage so you don't have to.
   - Don't get too cocky with that energy shield, you can still get yourself thrown off a cliff.

   - Lets you whip out three bombs in a row instead of just one.

   - Restores you to full health. You'd never have guessed.

   - Weaker than normal bombs but leave your enemies frozen and Particularly brittle.
   - Ice bombs are not very powerful, but they freeze whoever they hit, leaving them vulnerable to shattering.
   - A nice setup before doing the "running-jumping-spin-punch" to defeat them in a single hit!

   - Slightly weaker than regular bombs. but they explode on impact.

   - Stick to anything they hit. Hilarity ensues.
   - If you let a sticky-bomb stuck to you, jump around and spin in circles. You might shake the bomb off, or if nothing else your last moments will be entertaining.
   - The head is the most vulnerable area, so a sticky-bomb to the noggin usually means game-over.

Land Mines
   - These come in Packs of 3: Useful for base defense or stopping speedy enemies.
   - For best results, plant it on bot or player spawning areas.

   - You probably want to avoid these ...or do you?
   - If you pick up a Curse, your only hope for survival is to find a health powerup in the few seconds.

BombSquad Other In-Game Tips, Tricks and Strategies -

More In-Game Tips Not Included Above
   - You take damage when you whack your head on things, so try not to whack your head on things.

   - In hockey, you'll maintain more speed if you turn gradually.

   - In Cature-the-Flag, your own flag must be at your base to score. If the other team is about to score, stealing their flag can be a good way to stop them.

Troubleshooting and Other Tweaks
   - If your device get too warm or you'd like to conserve battery power, turn down "Visuals" or "Resolution" in Settings > Graphics.

   - If you frame rate is choppy, try turning down resolution or visuals in the game's graphics settings.

   - Tired of the soundtrack? Replace it with your own! See Settings > Audio > Soundtrack.

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