War & Dragons HD: FAQ, Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

War & Dragons HD is a very addictive action RPG adventure game presented by COOL Apps. Available on Android - Google Play. Refer to the FAQ guides list and walkthrough strategy guide below to help you complete all Main and Branch Line quests, and to learn how to build up your Paladin or Blademaster!
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Quick Walkthrough Guide: Stats Building -

Stats Building Guide - Full AGI Build
   - Increases Hit and chance to Parry.
   - Somewhat weak early game, but awesome at mid and higher levels.
   - Recommended for hardcore gamers who wants some challenge.

   - You don't need to worry about missing attacks, all of your attacks will be guaranteed hit!

   - Although it is luck based, you can still get a nice blocking percentage to keep you alive from powerful Boss attacks, and to survive multiple attacks from mobs!
   - Blocks will also let you focus less on your DEF stat.
   - Will only require few HP potions (conserves your Coins).

   - ATK is easy to increase, just buy the weapons you need from Brady's Store to keep it high. At higher levels, you have lots of options on how to increase ATK. AGI on the other hand will require you to get higher quality equipments to get decent AGI.

   - Blocks will also help you complete stages with 5 Stars.
   - Since you are not pumping POW or LUK, your base ATK is zero, this is good because you have a flexible ATK and CRT. Equip items according to the total ATK and CRT you need for certain stages, this is if you want to return to previous stages later on to complete all them with 5 Stars (for reaching ACHievements or for Perfectionist players ^^)
   - Note that at lower stages, it is hard to reach 5 Stars if you have uber damage. Less combo will result to 3 or 4 Stars, even if you don't have any damages!

Stats Building Guide (Full AGI Build)
   - Just pump all stats to AGI.
   - For Items, focus on: AGI, ATK or POW, and LUK
   - Bonus or Support Stats from Items: DEF, INT/SP+, or HP+

Sample Target Stats (Example: Around Lv.100)
   - PAR: at least 500
   - ATK: at least 1,000
   - CRIT: at least 100
   - Other Stats: Any, just get what you can.

   - Buy Weapons from Brady's Store for easy ATK boosts, especially early to mid game. Always check and buy the best weapon  for your current Lvl.
   - Take your time, do your quests while leveling up to make the new levels easier for your build.

Stats Building Guide - Full POW Build
   - Increases ATK and HP.
   - Dominating throughout the game, just mind your HP and don't die.
   - Recommended for casual gamers who just wants to beat the game.

   - Reach at least 120 Hit asap to get decent Hit rate, and to minimize misses. Increase AGI using items if you still miss, especially at higher levels.
   - I would still recommend AGI to increase your Block chance, this will save you from getting mobbed or killed. Just get what you can from equipments.

   - To further increase you damage output, add LUK to increase your Critical chances. This will make things easier at higher levels, especially when used with Skills!

Stats Building Guide (Full POW Build)
   - Just pump all stats to POW.
   - For Items, focus on: AGI, ATK or POW, and LUK
   - Bonus or Support Stats from Items: DEF, INT/SP+, or HP+

Sample Target Stats (Example: Around Lv.100)
   - ATK: at least 2,000
   - CRIT: at least 100
   - PAR: around 500
   - Other Stats: Any, just get what you can.

   - Buy Weapons from Brady's Store for easy ATK boosts, especially early to mid game. Always check and buy the best weapon  for your current Lvl.

Quick Walkthrough Guide: Skills, Info and MP Potions -
   - Skills are dropped by monsters, and certain set of skills can be farmed from specific Dungeons. Drop rates are high though, but some will drop only if you have unlocked more stages or if you have higher level, so go back to previous dungeons (any stages) to hunt more skills.
   - Just equip and use the skills you have, all of them are pretty useful though.

   - There are 4 skills that can be used by all Characters.
   - Mine Gear
   - Holy Bolt
   - Whirling Blade
   - Holy Wave

   - There are 6 exclusive skills, usable only by Paladins.
   - Flurry Blow
   - Minute Spike
   - Rush Spike
   - Flying Star (Rare)
   - Spike Flurry (Very Rare)

   - There are 6 exclusive skills, usable only by Blademasters.
   - Launcher Spike
   - Stab Spike
   - Magic Sword Spike
   - Windancer Spike
   - Storm Break (Rare)
   - Hell Flurry (Very Rare)

   - Each skills will also have upgrades: Lv1, Lv.2 and Lv.3. higher upgrades will get better damage output, but with very high MP consumption.

   - Don't forget to buy MP potions from Charlotte's Store and use to cast more skills while battling, adjust to higher MP potions if needed. HP potions are optional if you are using the Full AGI build above.
   - Increase your Max SP by focusing SP+ stats on at least one of your Accesories, this will give you more chance to chain powerful Skills without hassle.

Quick Walkthrough Guide: How to Get Nice Items -

How to Get Nice Items Early Game
   - White quality weapons can be bought from Brady's Store to keep your ATK high.

   - Earn Coins and complete Coin related Achievements to get better Chests. Use "Keep On" as many times as you like, but make sure to use it only if the majority of items inside the box are at least Yellow, Purple, or Red qualities.

Around Lvl 60~80:
   - Make sure that you save your Synthetic Stones from the start of the game for this to work.

   - Buy the Uncommon Chest (Legendary) Box for 32k from Charlotte's  Store. Go to "Merge" option > Box menu to synthesize a Rare Chest (Legendary) Box, then continue using the new box to synthesize Epic Chest (Legendary) > Legendary Chest (Legendary) >and finally the Artifact Chest (Legendary). Open the Artifact Chest (Legendary), then use "Keep On" as many times as you like to get nice items!
   - Note: Before you open the Chest, make sure you have lots of Coins to use the "Keep On" option multiple times. Hope you can get enough good items, Good Luck! ^^
   - "Keep On" Fees per re-roll: 5k, 12.5k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 250k and so on...

After Battle Boxes
   - You can get more nice items (Yellow or Purple) or even Red ones if you are lucky, by completing a stage with 5 Stars without any damage. Use "Keep On" once or twice to try to get the item/s you want.
   - Higher stages will reveal better items.

Completing ACHievemnts
   - Unlock More Legendary and Artifact Chests by completing certain stages or by earning certain number of Coins.
   - See the ACHievements section for more info.

Synthesize Nether Pendant (Armor - Pendant)
   - I really don't recommend synthesizing any equipment from early to mid game, but once you reach the Devil Dragon stage, create 1 or 2 Nether Pendants. Note that you need to reserve 1 or 2 Synthetic Stones if you want to do this later.

Quick Walkthrough Guide: Branch Line Quests -
   - Get all available Branch Line Quests from NPCs (!) around Noah village, then submit (?) them once they are done. Note that you must complete them all to get the "True Ending" of the game!

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