Ragnarok: War of Gods: Abysmal Knight Elite MVP Boss Monster Item Drops

       The drop list below will cover items dropped by Abysmal Knight that is located in the Kalim Castle Instance Dungeon, and will focus more on Rank 4 Purple Items since they are the most used or sold items in the game.

       Abysmal Knight is far stronger than most usual monsters outside dungeons and might require a good party to easily defeat this monster, but once defeated, valuable items may be looted from it. Refer below for more information.

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- Abysmal Knight Monster Drops -

Abysmal Knight
Lvl 80
Location: Lord of the Room (Kalim Castle
Kalim Castle Dungeon NPC Location: Valder
Map > Valder Field > Ares Forest > Ares Plateau > Ares Prairie > Outside Kalim Castle > Kalim Castle Entrance.

Item Drops Coming Soon!

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Other Non-Rank 4 Item Drops:
     - Normal loots, and more!

     - Item drop chances varies per item, but percentage chances can be increased
by joining or creating a full party.

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