Ragnarok: War of Gods: How to Remove Cards from Equips

       Card removal feature will become available after some major Valder game patches. If you want to remove all of your awesome cards from your used-low leveled equipment, and transfer them to a better item around your current level, then this is the only way.

       If you wish to become stronger, employ the power of Cards. Good Luck!

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- Remove Cards! -

Magician Stella - Valder
     - Once you reach Valder area, you can talk to the NPC Magician Stella to Add,
Compound or Remove cards. Lan Forta Card NPC doesn't have the Remove Card option or maybe they will add it at later updates.
     - To remove cards, you will need at least 1 Card Removal Potion, an unequipped
item with slotted cards, and some Zeny for the Removal fee. See sample screenshot below.

How to Get Card Removal Potions
     - To cut it short, It's NOT FREE!
     - Depending on your server and current game update, you can either
purchase a Card Removal Potion from the Cash Shop under the Materials section, or get one from Lucky Boxes!
     - Note: Card Removal Potion is not yet available for international version, maybe
after some more major game patches.
     - After the removal, ALL cards including the item will go into your inventory.
     - Success chance is at 100%, don't worry.

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