Ragnarok: War of Gods: Doppelganger Boss Monster Item Drops

       The guide below will cover items dropped by VVVS Doppelganger (included to the Lan Forta Boss list because he is also an Instance Dungeon Boss monster), and will focus more on Rank 4 Purple Items since they are the most used or sold items in the game.

       Doppelganger is stronger than most usual monsters outside dungeons early game, and might require a good party to easily defeat this monster, but once defeated, valuable items may be looted from it.

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- VVVS Doppelganger Monster Drops -

- Lvl 30
- Location: Khoa Khoa Area 4 (Khoa Khoa Instance Dungeon)
- MinoMano Dungeon NPC Location: Lan Forta Map > Berrburr Turtle
Trail > Berrburr Promenade > Berrburr Hill > Deep Berrburr
Saber: Lvl: 29 (One-Handed Sword)  Equip: Swordsman Class
     - ATK: 69 MATK: 0% | VIT +6, HP Absorption 2%

Alca Bringer: Lvl: 28 (Two-Handed Sword)  Equip: Swordsman Class
     - ATK: 118 MATK: 0% | Critical +4, Stun 1%

Yggdrasil: Lvl: 28 (Staff)  Equip: Mage Class
     - ATK: 47 MATK: 21% | INT +8, MaxSP +8%

Old Spike: Lvl: 29 (Mace)  Equip: Acolyte Class
     - ATK: 13 MATK: 19% | VIT +4, MaxHP +79
Other Non-Rank 4 Item Drops:
     - Angel GuardRough Oridecon, and Swordsman Ornament

     - Item drop chances varies per item, but percentage chances can be increased
by joining or creating a full party.

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