Ragnarok: War of Gods: How to Get More Cards and Card Compounding Guide

       Monster Cards are used to increase the base stats of you character. To do this, you must find, buy or craft cards that contains the specific Stats that your character needs. The higher, the better!

       Note that you can only equip specific cards into their allowed respective equipment, and each equipment will have their own available cards slots too. To learn more about cards, refer to the guide below.

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- How to Get More Cards! -

From Drops or Loots - Monsters (Free)
     - Most monsters randomly drops their card as loot (luck based).
     - Some higher grade (VVS or VVVS) monsters will also drop Rank 4 cards!
     - It is recommended that you earn your cards, especially grade 2 (green) cards and
compound them to get better cards. See Compounding Cards section below.
     - This is also a very good way to earn fast Zeny!

Buy and Sell Shops - Auction Machine (Zeny)
     - You can also buy a wide variety of cards from other players through this game
feature. Note that prices may vary per server.
     - Browse and see what you think is best for your character.

     - Equip Grade 2 or 3 Cards into your short term use equips (Around Lvl 1~30).
     - Equip Grade 3 or higher Cards into your long term use equips (Above Lvl 30).

     - Make sure that you equip awesome cards into your awesome equips, if not, the
price value of those items when you sell them will go down, than what it should be. More players would also love to buy it if you did good!

Card Books - Cash Shop (Rubies)
     - Cash Shop (Equip Section): 10 Rubies
     - Randomly generates a card with low chance of generating a Special S Graded
one. This is the only way to get Special S cards. Good Luck!
- Card Composition Guide -

Card Ranks, Rarity or Grades
     - Rank/Grade 1 = White; Normal Items
     - Rank/Grade 2 = Green; Magic Items
     - Rank/Grade 3 = Yellow; Rare Items
     - Rank/Grade 4 = Purple; Legendary Items
     - Rank/Grade 4 = S Purple; Special Legendary Items
     - Rank/Grade 5 = Purple; Legendary Items
     - Rank/Grade 5 = S Purple; Special Legendary Items

How to Compound Cards
     - Find Magician Bettie (Lan Forta - lower right area) and talk to her to add cards
into your equipment, or Compound Cards and upgraded them up to Rank 4.

     - Rank 1 Card + Rank 1 Card + Converter = Random Rank 2 Card
     - Rank 2 Card + Rank 2 Card + Converter = Random Rank 3 Card
     - Rank 3 Card + Rank 3 Card + Adv. Converter = Random Rank 4 Card

     - If you Fail, you'll get a random card under that same rank that you used, or lower
if you are VVV Unlucky!. Note: All items used will be lost too, so do not use cards that you need.
     - Compound Item: Converter
     - A material that is used for compounding Rank 1 ~ 2 cards.
     - Merchant: Price: 800 Zeny each.
     - Compound Item: Advanced Converter
     - A material that is used for compounding Rank 3 cards.
     - Cash Shop Price: 5 pieces = 10 Rubies.

     - You can equip these new cards to your equipment if you want, or sell them to
other players to get more Zeny. Good Luck compounding new cards!

Cards List:
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How to Remove Cards:
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