Ragnarok: War of Gods: Disassemble Items to Get Runes

       Dismantling Equips is the best way to get free Runes in the game. Runes are used for crafting VS, VVS, or VVS equipment for your character. If you want to get stronger, these Runes will get you started!

       To start disassembling items, talk to the Rune Artificer located below the West Guards in Lan Forta. Runes can be randomly obtained depending on the item level and grade. Is Lady Luck on your side?

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- How to Disassemble Items -

Disassemble Items to Get Runes (Rune Artificer NPC)
     - Only Grade 2 (green) or above Equipment can be disassembled into Runes.
     - All equipment can be dismantled except Helmets, refer below.

     - One Hand Swords and Two Hand Swords = Strength Runes
     - Staves = Magic Runes
     - Maces = Holy Runes
     - Armors, Shields, and Manteaus = Defense Runes
     - Boots = Agility Runes
     - Accessories = Blessing Runes

     - Disassemble items that you don't need to get Runes for Crafting!
     - If you want to craft a specific item, farm items that will give the Runes you need.
     - You can also buy cheap items at the Auction Machine to get more Runes.
     - Sell unwanted Runes at the Auction Machine to gain more Zeny.
Rune Grades:
     - The item's Grade or Rank affects the type and quantity of the resulting Runes,
refer to the sample Item Extraction Rate below.

     - Grade 2 Lvl 1 to 39 (green) items = Grade 1 Runes
     - Grade 3 Lvl 1 to 29 (yellow) items = Grade 1 Runes
     - Grade 4 Lvl 1 to 19 (purple) items = Grade 1 Runes

     - Grade 2 Lvl 40 to 69 (green) items = Grade 2 Major Runes
     - Grade 3 Lvl 30 to 49 (yellow) items = Grade 2 Major Runes
     - Grade 4 Lvl 20 to 39 (purple) items = Grade 2 Major Runes

     - So higher Grade/Rank and Lvl items yields better Rune Grades.
     - By using the chart above, you can easily get Grade 2 Major Runes by
crafting and dismantling a Lvl 20 to 29 VS items. You can also buy them cheap at the "Auction Machine" because some players are still unaware of this.

     - Grade 2 Lvl 70 and above (green) items = Grade 3 Sup. Runes!
     - Grade 3 Lvl 50 to 69 (yellow) items = Grade 3 Sup. Runes!
     - Grade 4 Lvl 40 to 59 (purple) items = Grade 3 Sup. Runes!

     - Grade 3 Lvl 70 and above (yellow) items = Grade 4 Ancient Runes!
     - Grade 4 Lvl 60 and above (purple) items = Grade 4 Ancient Runes!

Sample Grade 1 Runes Farming Location
     - Just concentrate on leveling up until around Lvl 30 before you start farming.
     - Refer below for sample monsters that drops Grade 2 green items or higher.

Mino Mano Entrance and Maze:

     - Strength Runes:
     - (VS) Muka: Solar Sword
     - (VS) Thorn Muka: Mithril Greatsword; Solar Sword
     - (VS) Chon Chon: Executioner

     - Magic Runes:
     - Muka: Destruction Rod
     - (VS) Muka: Winged Staff
     - (VS) Kotbia: Destruction Rod
     - (VS) Thorn Muka: Mighty Staff

     - Holy Runes:
     - Muka: Sword Mace
     - (VS) Muka: Sword Mace

     - Defense Runes:
     - Chon Chon: Pauldrons; Cloack of Survival; Beach Mant.
     - Muka: Bklr
     - Scorpion: Glittering Jacket
     - (VS) Kotbia: Bklr
     - Thorn Muka: Old MantWool ScarfCmbt Mant.Stone Bklr
     - (VS) Thorn Muka: Old Mant.

     - Agility Runes:
     - Muka: High Heels
     - (VS) Muka: Beach Sandals; Cmbt Boots
     - Scorpion: Cmbt Boots; Beach Sandals

     - Blessing Runes:
     - Kotbia: Capella
     - Thorn Muka: Obeaune
     - (VS) Thorn Muka: Obeaune

Other Notes
     - Joining a party will increase drop rates, the more, the better!
     - VS or higher monsters will drop better item grades with better drop rates.

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