Dino Run: Jurassic Escape: Quick Walkthrough, Upgrades, and Strategy Guide

       Here's a quick strategy walkthrough guide for Dino Run: Jurassic Escape game app. This guide will cover a step by step recommended power-ups or upgrades, tips, controls, and more. Note: follow the guide in-order while playing.

       Dino Run: Jurassic Escape is an action and arcade running game that will test your ability to dodge obstacles and get high scores! Good luck! ^^

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- Quick Walkthrough and Upgrades Guide -

How to Play: Controls
     - Tilt your device to steer
     - Swipe up to jump
     - Swipe down to slide
     - Turn corners by swiping left or right
     - Note: If the controls doesn't seem to work, try to increase the
length of your swipes.

Coins Gain Per Run
     - To increase your Coins Gain per run, follow the list of upgrades
below in order. Coins are used for upgrading to increase your coins gain and survivability.
     - Focus on earning Coins, don't buy any utilities or Ahead items.
Complete mission objectives as you go on, don't focus on it for now.
     - Coin Value: 3/5
     - To unlock the Red Coins (3x). Reach 3000m to get these.
     - Remember, you may start using the "Continue?" option once
you reach the Red Coins. Use it once or twice, more if you want as long that you can take back the paid Coins.
     - Bonus Coin: 1/5
     - 1 is enough for this Power-Up, they are pretty rare anyway.
     - Coin Magnet: 3/5
     - 250m duration + 2x value upgrade, get this and you will be able
to gather lots of Coins!

     - Now that you have a decent coin gain per run, it's time add up
some survival techniques. Along with the Store upgrades, characters have their own set of upgrades too!
     - Character Upgrades: 1/5
     - Upgrade all 3 character upgrades to 1 (1,000 Coins each), then
turn them ON to equip a Headgear, weapon, and boots on your character. The best thing about these upgrades is that, they are active all the time until it is used!

     - Coin Value: 5/5
     - Max it to gain those Red Coins after 2,000m!

     - Character Upgrades: 2/5
     - Upgrade all 3 character upgrades to 2 (3,000 Coins each).
     - Flying Boost: 3/5
     - This Power-Up will ignore all obstacles, grab this item then just
focus on getting coins and other Power Ups. You still need to swipe up to grab power-ups though.
     - Invisibility: 3/5
     - Invisibility will ignore all obstacles, except for corners though.
Grab this item while running then just focus on getting coins and dodging corners.

     - Character Upgrades: 5/5
     - Upgrade all 3 character upgrades to 5 for full protection!
     - Flying Boost: 5/5
     - Once you reach this point, you can focus now on your mission
objectives. Refer to the link below on how to complete all missions in the game:
     - How to Complete All Mission Objectives

     - Invisibility: 5/5
     - Max to get it's full effect, 600m duration!

     - Coin Magnet: 5/5
     - Just Max remaining upgrades to complete a mission.

     - Bonus Coin: 5/5
     - Just Max remaining upgrades to complete a mission.

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