Tomb Run: Quick Walkthrough and Upgrading Guide

       Here's a quick strategy walkthrough guide for Tomb Run game app, available on Android Google Play and iOS App Store. Tomb Run is an action and arcade running game that will test your ability to dodge obstacles and get high scores!

       The game has intense rhythm, amazing graphics, and smooth control feelings. Don’t forget to collect coins in the game to unlock more power-ups and characters!

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- Quick Walkthrough and Upgrades Guide -

       Coins in this game are easy to earn, so let's focus more on increasing your run time or survival techniques. Upgrades will come first then some dodging tips to survive all traps or obstacles in the game.

Recommended Store Upgrades (In-Order!):
Invincibility: 5/5
     - Max this out first!
     - This power-up will help you get coins easier while ignoring all
obstacles along the way, be careful not to fall though because it won't save you.
Rocket: 1/5 and Magnet: 1/5
     - These two works works well together so it's best to upgrade
them at the same time.
     - Rocket works like Invincibility, the only difference is that
Rocket will make your character move faster. Earning Coins will become harder to get so try to grab a Magnet while Rocket is active.

Rocket: 2/5 and Magnet: 2/5
     - Same as above

Rocket: 3/5 and Magnet: 3/5
     - Same as above

Rocket: 5/5
     - Only max Rocket, Magnet is optional now.

       From this point on, you can upgrade any power-up or buy any character that you like. Max Magnet if you want to increase it's duration or start upgrading Time Slow power-up if you really like it.
       Personally, I don't like Time Slow because it disrupts my running momentum and it doesn't really help me on dodging obstacles, because most of the time, they are on the wrong places rendering them useless when used, would be better if it's an activatable power-up though...just my opinion.

- Quick Walkthrough: Getting High Scores -

       Your Points or Score will increase as you run, it is not based on the distance you made or the coins you earned while running, it is based only on the time you made. The longer you run, the better.

x1.5 Requirement
     - Get 50 Coins

x2 Requirement
     - Get 250 Coins

x2.5 Requirement
     - Get 900 Coins

Save Me Option:
     - You can only use this option twice so make the most out of it!
     - 1st Save Me: 300 Coins
     - 2nd Save Me: 3000 Coins

Other Notable Tips:
     - Speed will gradually increase as you go on. If the speed is
somewhat fast for you, concentrate on dodging obstacles and just ignore all Coins.
     - Avoid Coins or Power-ups that will lead you to a trap/obstacle.
     - Learn how to effectively dodge obstacles, refer to the link
here: Tomb Run: Guide to Dodging Obstacles - Game Controls

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