Tekken Card Tournament: Heihachi Deck and Cards - Heavy Hitter Build

       This Heihachi deck build will focus on using his Punch and Buff cards for building heavy hits that will shatter your opponent's HP pool to smithereens!. For more info refer to the deck building guide below.

       Heihachi is a terrifying fighter. He is a dangerous and unpredictable opponent thanks to his unique power that banishes or enforces actions. His range of various moves allows him to use different styles but his powers are often a double-edged sword.

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- Recommended Cards: Heihachi Heavy Hitter Deck -

Target Rare Heihachi Power Card:
     - Any Power Card will do.

Recommended Rare Cards
     - (P) Demon Executioner = Attack
     - (P) Chrome Dome = Attack
     - (P) Quick Iron Fist = Attack
     - (P) Demon Slayer = Disable Block!
     - (P) Twin Hammer Volley = Disable Strike!
     - (P) Double Palm Strike =Trap
     - (P) Tatarigoroshi = Buff
     - (P-U) Kidney Smasher = Buff
     - (P) Jumping Powerbomb = Draw
     - (P) Lightning Bolt  = Draw
     - (P) Deity Slayer = Heal
     - (P-U) Funkei Uraken = Discarder

- Sample Heihachi Heavy Hitter Deck -

Heihachi Heavy Hitter Deck (No SR Cards)
     - x2 (P) Demon Executioner (Rare) = Attack
     - x1 (P) Chrome Dome (Rare) = Attack
     - x3 (P) Tatarigoroshi (Rare/Uncommon) = Buff
     - x2 (P) Jumping Powerbomb (Rare) = Draw
     - x2 (P) Deity Slayer (Rare) = Heal
     - x2 (P) Twin Hammer Volley (Rare) = Disable Strike!
     - x2 (P) Demon Slayer (Rare) = Disable Block!
     - x1 Card of Your Choice!

Deck Summary:
     - An all out Punch cards to easily activate Tatarigoroshi's effect.
     - Tatarigoroshi cards as your main Hit buffer.
     - Heavy Hit cards that can be buffed for more damage!
     - Mixed with nice draw, heal, and dis-abler cards.

Featured SR Card For This Build:

Other Heihachi Deck Builds
     - Coming Soon!

Note: Even if you have all the cards above, wins will still depend on your experience
playing the game, strategies, positioning, and more! Good Luck!

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