Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising: How to Get More Free Rubies Per Day

       Rubies are used for purchasing limited equips, consumable items, materials, pet eggs and other in-game items that you can only get from the Cash Shop. Normally, you can get Rubies by spending real cash, but for free users, you can earn them through Daily Spins!

       The Daily Spin is your main source of Rubies if you don't want to spend some "Real Cash" for this game. It's free, but the bonus rewards are random, and it will take some time to get the number of pieces you need. Refer below to learn more.

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- Collect Free Rubies from Daily Spins -

Daily Spin (Chance to Get Rubies)
     - Getting Rubies from the Daily Spin is fairly easy. The only item that has higher
chance is the Siegfrid's Token, around 50% chance while Rubies can be obtained around 25% chance.
     - Log in everyday and enter the Character Status Screen > Daily Spin to get some
bonus items per day.
     - Note that the Daily Spin items changes after some time.
     - Check in game events and announcements and browse the "Popular" section for
discounted or promotional items to get the best deals!

An Obvious Trick!
     - If you haven't noticed it yet, you can actually spin the Daily Spin 3 times per day!
     - In most cases, players that only have one character in their account will not be
able to notice this.
     - To get 3 spins per day, simply create 2 more dummy characters (maximum of 3
characters) that will farm Rubies. Your 3 characters will share the total number of Rubies you currently have in your account. Do this every day to maximize your chances.

Create New Accounts
     - Recommended for players that have 2 or more devices that can play this game,
or players with trusted friends or persons.

     - Create a Ruby farmer account/s then use them to collect Rubies from Daily Spins.
     - Since Rubies can't be traded, it is best to spend them by purchasing Cash Shop
items. Note: Not all items from the Cash Shop can be traded, to learn which items you can trade, refer to this Guide: Tradable Cash Shop Items

     - If you have decided which item to transfer, trade it to your main account by
using 2 devices or through a trusted friend or person.

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