Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising: How to Sit - Guide to Getting Sit Action

       The SIT action lets you sit or stand up. While sitting, your HP and SP recovery speed will increase, making this a very useful game feature to all players, especially at early levels of gameplay.

       To get this, you need to follow all main quest tutorials from the start until you reach the specific quest to unlock this SIT action. Upon completion, you will now be able to Sit.

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- How to Get and Equip the Sit Action -

Unlock the Sit Action
     - After completing some quests from the west guard around Lvl 6 or 7, he will direct
you to Guard Captain Jack, located at the right of the west guards.
     - Talk to him until you are able to Accept the "Jack's Request (Sit Skill)" quest.
     - Use your Mini Map then enter the Chico Choco Plain portal. Go to the Chico
Choco Forest then to Chico Choco Beach to Hunt 3 (VS) Red Spores.
     - Upon completion, go back to Guard Captain Jack to complete the quest given.
     - Congratulations! you now have the Sit action, all you need to do now is to equip it.

Equip the Sit Action
     - Go to your "Skills" window then select "Action".
     - Browse down then highlight the "Sit" action.
     - Select "Set Hotkey" to register the Sit action in your quick slots or hotkey slots.
     - Close all windows then try your Sit action! Good Luck!

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