Royal Revolt!: How to Get 3 Stars - Castle Mission Challenge

       This guide is made to help players achieve 3 Stars per Castle. Stars are extra challenges that are available right after conquering a red flagged Castle.

       Your aim is to conquer all Castles as fast as you can to get 3 Stars. Stars are time based and you will get 1, 2 or 3 Stars based on your completion time.

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- Preparation: Upgrades! -

       The best way to increase your chance is to upgrade your Hero's equipments,
Troops, and Spells. The more you upgrade them, the more easier it will be to get 3 Stars.
     - Just upgrade them if you can't reach 3 Stars.

Notable Must Have Upgrades:
     - Hero's Equipments: Prioritize Armor first, Helmet next, then Sword.
     - Troops: Upgrade Ballistas to Cannons.
     - Spells: Get Avalanche, Swordrain and Sonic Blast.

- General Tips and Strategies -

Tips to Remember
     - Do not let your Hero die! Just retreat and regenerate your Health instead.

     - If you think you can take all of their damages without any problem, then go straight
ahead to the enemy Castle. Ignore all towers and just destroy all troops and barricades along the way. This method is great if you have a good upgrades (recommended early to mid game).

     - If you think you can't take them all alone, just advance and destroy what you can.
Go back to your troops for damage support or if you want to regenerate your Health. While doing this, keep in mind the Star Timer though (see Star Timer below).

     - Ignore traps that will waste your time. Ex: Traps that you will need to step on!
If the said trap is placed near the enemy's castle entrance, you must disarm them first to protect your Troops.
     - Disable traps that you can hit (traps with health bar). Do it quickly though.

     - Quickly eliminate enemy troops with your Spells.
     - Use your Anti-buildings Spell to destroy barricades, traps, towers, and castles.
     - Try to bring all possible targets that you can inside your Spells' area of effect
(the circle around your Hero). Quickly eliminate ranged enemies, then melees next.

Master the "Hero Shout"
     - Tap the Hero portrait to bring all troops together. Troops must be nearby.
     - This is very useful if you want to get 3 Stars. Here are some of the reasons:

     - Use it to speed up your Troops Movement.
     - Use it to force your Troops to ignore some towers and follow you instead.
     - Use it to move your Troops out of those Traps.
     - Use it to move your Troops closer to the Castle's gate for more damage!

When Hitting Castle Entrances
     - Disable all traps nearby first before attacking the Castle gates.
     - Move your Hero next to the Castle Gates and use your "Hero Shout" to
call your Troops near you. This will dramatically increase your damage output!
      - Without "Hero Shout", your Troops at the back won't be able to attack because
their attack range can't reach the Castle gates.
      - With "Hero Shout", your Troops will advance near you and all of them will be
able to attack the Castle gates. Reinforcements will have a space too at the back.

      - So, what happens when a huge enemy army spawns in front of you?
It might be a problem because they will be able to annihilate your Troops!. To counter
this, always reserve your Spells, then instantly use them when enemy troops spawns! Eliminate them fast then continue on hitting the castle.

Star Timer
     - The Star Timer will let you know your current progress.
     - If the 3rd Star turned to full gray, and you can see a little gray at the top tip
of the 2nd Star, then it is a 100% fail.
     - You must conquer the castle before the said scenario above will happen.

Use Boosts! (Optional)
     - Enter any Castle Mission then quickly tap on the Crown Icon (upper right area).
     - You can use 1, 2 or 3 Boosts. I recommend Spells and Troops for this.
     - Use this only at higher levels and when you are just a few seconds away from the
3 Stars time target.

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