Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM - Konami Digital Entertainment's Online Game

Online Game: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM
- Publisher: Konami Digital
- Facebook Game Application
- CCG-Card Games / Anime Based / Online Browser Based Social Game

     Refer below to learn more about Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM's Gameplay and Battle Play Features. Join the online social dueling app which builds on the best features of the original Yu-Gi-Oh!
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- Gameplay -
Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Facebook Game Description
       Enter the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe with the fast and fun spin-off game Yu-Gi-Oh!
BAM. Intuitive rules and an addictive gameplay make it easy to progress through the levels, but it will take strategy, skill and luck to become a true BAM master. 
       While exploring an exclusive storyline you can challenge your friends, build a
deck from over 300 specially adapted cards, collect rewards and duel opponents of all abilities. Whether you have two minutes or two hours to play, just hit BAM!
Game Features
     - A unique new game that features the original Yu-Gi-Oh!.
     - Explore an exclusive story line.
     - Challenge friends.
     - Build a Deck from over 300 specially adapted cards.
     - Collect rewards and duel opponents of all abilities.

- Battle Play -

       If you are an existing Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, and knows the usual duel phases, card attributes or
properties and more, well this time it will be a little different!
       Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM is not an adaptation but rather an entirely new game. The cards' design,
art and some game features will be the same but they now have their own new rules, properties, attributes and more.
       Existing fans or players and those completely new to the game will experience a whole new
Yu-Gi-Oh! gameplay. To win the duel, your goal  is to try and decrease your Opponent’s Life Points to 0 using the Monsters and the Spells at your disposal!

       To learn more how to play, Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM offers an easy step by step tutorial at the start
of the game. Follow Yugi's instructions to advance through the game. Good luck! 

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