Pockie Ninja II Social: How to Recruit, Acquire or Get a Ninja

       Refer here to learn how to unlock and recruit or obtain the Ninjas you want. Some ninja qualities can be recruited for free but if you want to start with stronger ninjas early on, look for in-game event announcements and grab the chance or try your luck with Gift Packs at the Mall.

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- Get from Game Features and Events -

Blue Ninja Quality
     - Recruit from Ninja School
     - Ninja Pack
     - Ninja Synthesis

Purple Ninja Quality
     - Recruit from Ninja School
     - Ninja Gift Pack / Purple Ninja Pack
     - Ninja Synthesis
     - Ninja Saga

Red Ninja Quality
     - Recruit from Ninja School
     - Ninja Pack / Red Ninja Pack
     - Ninja Saga

Gold Ninja Quality
     - Ninja Pack
     - Ninja Synthesis
     - Ninja Saga
     - Mall
     - For more info on how to get Golden Ninjas, go here: How to Recruit Golden Ninjas

- In-Depth Recruitment Guide -

Recruit from Ninja School

- You can recruit Blue, Purple, or Red ninjas here. Upgrade the
level of ninja school to gain higher quality ninjas.

- You can unlock more recruiting slots after reaching the
requirements. Click the "Add Slots" button to unlock a new ninja

- Can recruit more ninja after the cool-down.

Random Ninja Packs
     - Purchase in the Mall (Ninja Pack - Best Seller Section).
     - Gift Packs contains ninjas of all qualities, even gold ninja might show up!, Good luck!

Active Point
     - Accumulate at least 30 active points to get a chest containing 1 Ninja pack.
Ninja Synthesis
     - Any 3 ninjas can be synthesized into a new one. The quality of the new ninja will be
calculated by the level and quality of ninjas you placed. There is also a chance to obtain Gold ninja during synthesis.
     - For more info, refer here: Ninja Synthesis Guide

Recruit from Ninja Saga
     - Requires that you pass the Land of Waves to unlock Ninja Saga.
     - You'll be able to recruit ninjas by battling or spending Ryo (bribe). When all
ninjas of the same type are unlocked, you can unlock mystic ninja and get access to gold ninjas!
     - For more info, go here: Ninja Saga and Golden Ninjas

Quest Rewards
     - Accomplish certain quests to win the rewards.
     - Don't forget to check it at ninja tab in the warehouse (Bag).

Legion Rewards
     - Progress through the game and unlock the "Legion" Function building.
     - Invite friends to create Legion and defeat rivals to win a reward!
     - Legion victory may reward Red or Golden Ninjas!
Trial Rewards
     - When village level hits lv.20, a trial entry will appear on the right of the main interface.
     - You can get Gold or Red Ninja Pack from raffles here.
     - Raffle will open every 10 successful floor challenges. The taller the floor, the higher odds
of obtaining high grade items there will be.
     - For more info go here: Trial - A Place to Get Gold Ninja Packs

Story (Hero Mode)
     - Must be at least level 40 and must complete Sasuke's Departure.
     - Choose the Hero Mode Option next to the Normal Mode option.
     - Enter and win up to 5 times to get a chance for a Ninja Pack from Lucky Draws.

     - Stay tuned while playing for in-game event announcements.

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