Marvel: Avengers Alliance: How to Unlock Epic Bosses

       An Epic Boss is a secret boss that appears when specific conditions are met. To unlock Epic Bosses, you need to fight all the battles and deploy specific heroes that are needed. Be warned, they are more difficult than Mission and Mini bosses!, but if you are successful on defeating them, you will have a chance to get an Epic item!

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- Epic Bosses and Items -

Unlocking Secret Epic Bosses
     - You must complete all mission threats!
     - You must deploy all required heroes to complete Deploy Missions!. Deploy Missions are
optional missions that appear on your mission map and may require a specific hero to complete.
     - Each chapter has an Epic Boss except Chapter 1.

Epic Boss Items
     - After defeating an Epic Boss, a new window will appear giving you around 7% chance to
grab a unique Epic item! Yeah, it's really really low...Good luck!

- List of Epic Bosses and Items -

       All Weapon stats differ according to your Agent's level and stats. They automatically adjust
even if you still don't have it! To avoid the confusion, keep in mind the following.

     - Higher Power Level will have higher Total Damage and/or higher Stamina requirement.
     - Weapons that targets All Enemies will have lower damage output.
     - Buff or Debuff Weapon Types doesn't have any Total Damage!
     - All Weapons below have decent Hit Rate.
     - Critical Chance: Low = below 20%;   Average = 20% to 50%;   High  = above 50%
     - Attributes: Green or Blue = Buffs;   Red = Debuffs;

Chapter 2 Epic Boss: Elektra
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 2 - Mission 3 (Step into the Shadows)
     - Deploy Missions: Scrapper, any Hero and Black Cat.

     - Epic Chance Item: Grecian Sai
     - Power Level: 29
     - Target: One Enemy
     - Decent Hit / Critical: Low
     - Type: Melee Slashing
     - Counter-Attack: Has a chance to perform a counter attack when attacked.
     - Bleeding (4 turns): Taking damage every turn; This effect can be applied 5 times.

Chapter 3 Epic Boss: Dr. Doom
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 3 - Mission 5 (Three Strikes)
     - Deploy Missions: Blaster, Technician, Black Widow and Spider Man.

     - Epic Chance Item: Doombringer
     - Power Level: 37
     - Target: One Enemy
     - Hit Chance 100%
     - Type: Debuff
     - Drained Energy:  Steals energy from an enemy, decreasing their stats, and increasing the
agent's. All stats reduced.

Chapter 4 Epic Boss: Magneto
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 4 - Mission 4 (Unexpected Guest)
     - Deploy Missions: Scrapper and Storm

     - Epic Chance Item: Magnetic Field Generator
     - Power Level: 42
     - Target: All Allies
     - Cooldown: 3 Turns
     - Type: Buff
     - Magnetic Field: Absorbs incoming damage; Grants additional turn when shield is removed.

Chapter 5 Epic Boss: Loki
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 5 - Mission 3 (Chemistry Set)
     - Deploy Missions: Scrapper, Blaster and Wolverine.

     - Epic Chance Item: Norn Stone
     - Power Level: 50
     - Target: Self
     - Type: Buff
     - Amazing Fate (100 turns): Grants a boost to all stats; Effect can be applied multiple times.

Chapter 6 Epic Boss: Doctor Octopus
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 6 - Mission 3 (Tentacular)
     - Deploy Missions: Scrapper, Bruiser and Luke Cage.

     - Epic Chance Item: Electrostatic Arm
     - Power Level: 60
     - Target: Self
     - Type: Buff
     - Positive Static Charge (3 turns): Attacks will also shock enemies; Enemies with Negative
Static Charge take extra damage.

Chapter 7 Epic Boss: Green Goblin
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 7 - Mission 3 (Head Shot)
     - Deploy Missions: Scrapper, Tactician and Spider Man.

     - Epic Chance Item: Goblin Glider
     - Power Level: 69
     - Target: One Enemy
     - Decent Hit / Critical: Average
     - Type: Ranged Slashing
     - Stealthy: Does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities.
     - Exploits Flying: Deals extra damage against flying targets.
     - Deadly Crits: Deals extra damage on critical hits.

Chapter 8 Epic Boss: The Hood
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 8 - Mission 5
     - Deploy Missions: Hawkeye

     - Epic Chance Item: Possessed Pistol
     - Power Level: 82
     - Target: One Enemy
     - Decent Hit / Critical: Average
     - Type: Gun Ranged Magic
     - Possessed (2 turns):  Devastates Defense and Evasion.

Chapter 9 Epic Boss: M.O.D.O.K.
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 9 - Mission 4
     - Deploy Missions: Tactician, Any Hero, Invisible Woman, Rogue and Thing.

     - Epic Chance Item: Only For Killing
     - Power Level: 92
     - Target: One Enemy
     - Decent Hit / Critical: High
     - Type: Gun Ranged Energy
     - Psychic Energy Attack: Ignores most Avoidance. Shield, Counter, and Protect effects;
Deals energy damage to targets immune to psychic attacks.
     - High Crits: Increased chance of critical hits.
     - Mental Anguish (1 turn): Takes heavy damage after performing the next offensive action;
Removed after any action other than a quick action.
     - Migraine (2 turns): Reduces damage done on next attack.

Chapter 10 Epic Boss: Dormammu
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 10 - Mission 4
     - Deploy Missions: Spider-Woman, Blaster, Scrapper and Any 2 Heroes.

     - Epic Chance Item: Touch of Flame and Shadow
     - Power Level: 103
     - Target: One Enemy
     - Number of Hits: 2
     - Decent Hit / Critical: Average
     - Type: Melee Unarmed Fire
     - Exploits Burning: Deals extra damage against burning targets.
     - Dark Void (2 turns): Taking Magic damage every turn; Accuracy reduced.
     - Burning (2 turns): Taking damage every turn; Defense reduced; Cancelled by chilled.

Chapter 11 Epic Boss: Baron Zemo
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 11 - Mission 3
     - Deploy Missions: Phoenix, Bruiser, Infiltrator and Any 2 Heroes.

     - Epic Chance Item: Sword of the Barony
     - Power Level: 95
     - Target: One Enemy
     - Decent Hit / Critical: Average
     - Type: Slashing Melee
     - Healing Strike: Restores health to the team after hitting a bleeding target.
     - Bleeding (3 turns): Taking damage every round or after performing hostile actions;
This effect can be applied 3 times.

Chapter 12 Epic Boss: Viper NEW!
     - Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 12 - Mission 2
     - Deploy Missions: Kitty Pryde

     - Epic Chance Item: Spitting Viper
     - Power Level: 105
     - Target: One Enemy
     - Decent Hit / Critical: Average
     - Type: Gun Ranged
     - Contagion: Causes Poison, Applies Slowed to targets with Poison, Applies Dizzy
to targets with Slowed; Poison will spread to nearby targets with Bleeding on impact.
     - Poisoned (2 turns): Taking damage every turn; Attack reduced.
     - Slowed (3 turns): Evasion reduced by 25%.
     - Dizzy (2 turns): Accuracy reduced by 25%.

Season 2 Epic Bosses
     - After the Season 2 Patch, you can now see all Missions that have available Epic
Bosses by selecting a Mission then viewing the MISSION INFO at the left side of the screen. Epic Boss rewards will also be displayed here.

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