Pockie Ninja: Recast Outfits to Get Pioneer or Sage Releases

       Recasting will re-roll your outfit's stats growth values. It will not actually re-roll your strength, agility and stamina because your base stats are directly dependent to their respective stats growth values. Stats growth values are the numbers next to your base stats values.

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

- Recasting Outfits -

Recast Results
     - Re-rolls your outfit's Strength, Agility and Stamina growth values.
     - Outfit level and quality will remain unchanged after recast.
     - Chance to get Pioneer and Sage releases!

How to Recast Outfits
     - Go to your Backpack and click the "Synthesis" button next to your inventory space.
     - In the new window, click the "Recast" tab.
     - Place the outfit you want to recast.
     - Use Recast Talisman or Gold to recast your outfit.
Where to Get Recast Talisman
     - Claim at the Online Gift Box (Stay online gift).
     - Redeem at the Sign-in Gift Box (Daily Sign-in).
     - Slot Machines
     - Mystery Merchant (for cash users 1 Gold each).
     - Outdoor explorations and more!

     - Now click on "Start Recast" button. Good luck!
     - The Recast Results will show you the changes in your outfit.

     - Recast values will disappear if you place your outfit in the trade market or use outfit
transfer! The recast values will carry on after upgrading your outfit!

     - Refer to the screenshot above, examine how the stats growth values affect it's base stats.
     - Higher stats growth values will enhance it's corresponding base stat.
     - You will appreciate stats growth rates when you start upgrading your outfits!
     - Don't worry, stats growth values will never go below the original stats growth values.

- Pioneer and Sage Release -

Pioneer Release
     - Gained if you can get 2 maximum growth values!
     - Pioneer Release will give orange outfits +5% Skill Release
     - A total of 20% Skill Release!
Sage Release
     - Gained if you can get all 3 maximum growth values!
     - Sage Release will give orange outfits +15% Skill Release!
     - A total of 30% Skill Release!

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