Pockie Ninja: Ninja's Trial 3 vs 3 Team Fight

       The Ninja Trial is a 3 vs 3 Team Fight field. You may choose to fight with your top 2 friends or fight alone! Earn credits from the Ninja Trial and use them to redeem items in the Trial Shop. Rewards includes Likings and Bloodsouls!

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

- Ninja Trial -

Location and Entry Conditions
     - Go to Angel City and enter the Ninja Trial located in the city's Waterfall.
     - Must be level 40 and above.
     - Match will only become available at certain days. To know your day and time entries, click
the Test Officer NPC and select the "How to attend Ninja's Trial" option.
     - Click on "Attend Ninja's Trial" to proceed.

Lone Challenger
     - The system will automatically find teammates for you.
     - Characters with similar levels with you will be chosen first.

Together with Friends
     - Team up with your friends and create a 3 man team!
     - Teams with similar levels with your team will be chosen first as your rival team.
     - Trial level will increase as your team attend more trials.
     - A number of Trial credits will be rewarded in every fight, win or lose!

Redeem Credits for Rewards
     - Earned Trial Credits can be redeemed for awesome rewards!
     - Click the "Reward Redeem Officer" NPC and enter the Trial Shop.

     - Most of the rewards will help you get or enhance Bloodline Limits!
     - Character Likings or Favorite Items!
     - Low to High leveled Bloodsouls!

       If you don't have any Bloodline Limit yet refer to the below link to get one now!
     - Pockie Ninja: How to Learn Bloodline Limit


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