How to Play Pockie Ninja Using Facebook, Google or Yahoo Accounts

       Here's a simple FAQ guide to all Pockie Ninja newbie players. It seems like some newbies still doesn't know how to register with their preferred accounts like Facebook, Google or Yahoo. To answer your questions, here's a simple guide.

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

- Register and Play! -

Pockie Ninja Official Website
     - Go here:
     - You can register your own Pockie Ninja Account here but if you prefer other accounts like
Facebook, Google or Yahoo, just find and click the icons similar below.
Example: For Facebook Users
     - Simply click the Facebook logo on the Pockie Ninja official website. Refer above pic.
     - A pop-up window will appear. Click on "Allow" to use your Facebook account as your
Pockie Ninja account.

     - Find and click the "Game Start" button or picture to start the game!
     - Alternatively, you can also go to the Facebook Page of Pockie Ninja and load the page with
the list of servers. Pick a server you prefer and load the game!
     - Pockie Ninja Facebook Page:

     - You no longer need to return to the official website after the registration.
     - You can access the game via Facebook now, though Pockie Ninja Facebook Page!
     - Enjoy and Good luck! Refer below links for more Pockie Ninja Game Guides!

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