Monster Hero: How to Defeat Boss Monsters with Friends

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       This guide will help Monster Hero players who are having difficulties defeating Boss Monsters due to lack of strength or friends that can assist them through the battle. Boss Monsters becomes more difficult to beat as you go on with your journey, and you might need more than just your strength.
- Invite Friends to Help -

     - Refer to the screenshot above, you have 2 choices.
     - Either ask help using the regular invite or through Newsfeed.

Regular Invite - "Invite Friends to HELP!"
     - Using this option will send invites directly to your friends.

Newsfeed - "Use Newsfeed For HELP!"
     - Using this option will let you invite more friends!
     - This is the purpose of this guide, to use this option to it's maximum capabilities.

- Invite Friends Using Newsfeed -

     - For this guide, we will use Flame Gorger as a sample Boss Monster.

Step 1
     - Click on "Use Newsfeed For HELP!" or similar, from your game screen.
     - Click on "Publish" to publish the invite to your Facebook Wall.
     - Your Facebook friends can now help you when they click on this.
     - But wait, there's more!

Step 2
     - Go to your Facebook Wall or Profile and look for this:
     - Now let's get the link of your invite.
     - For the above screenshot, right click on "Assist Shinigami" - "Assist (Your Name)"
     - Then click on "Copy link address" or something similar.
     - Now you can paste this anywhere you want to get help.

Step 3
     - One good way is to paste your link in the Monster Hero Discussions.
     - Click here: Monster Hero Discussions
     - If the above link isn't working, refer Here: Monster Hero and click the Discussions Tab.

Step 4
     - Start a New Topic that is something similar to this:
     - Paste your link inside the Post message.
     - To paste a link, Right Click then click on "paste" or use [CTRL + V].
     - Click on "Post new topic" to start getting HELP!
     - Good luck! ^^\m/

Tip: Higher Boss Monsters gives more powerful equipments and items, so players will be more interested when they see someone that needs help on defeating such boss monsters.

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