Dreamland Online Technical and Log-in Issues

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       This guide will help players having trouble starting Dreamland Online via Facebook. Refer here and hopefully this guide will solve all of your technical problems. Errors and problems below that players have encountered has been solved by doing the methods below.
- Kalydo Player -

How to start playing Dreamland Online on Facebook.

     - 1. Click on the link below to download the Kalydo Player needed to run the game client.
     - Download Kalydo Player Here
     - If the above link is not working, refer here: kalydo.com

     - 2. Click "Run" to install the Kalydo Player.
     - If you have downloaded the installer to your PC, open and install the .exe file.

     - 3. Return to your game window and the game should start loading.
     - If it didn't start to load, refresh your browser.
     - Please wait while the game loads (average load time: 3 minutes).

     - 4. Enter the game and enjoy!

Tip: You can also check and follow the tutorial below your game window.
Tip: Google Chrome browser has faster loading time after loading the game the 1st time.

- Technical Issues -

Dreamland Online doesn't load - (Kalydo Player is installed)
     - Refresh your browser.
     - Switch to other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc..
     - Update your browsers, JAVA and Flash software.
     - Try reinstalling your Kalydo Player.

Loading is too slow!

     - This is purely dependent to your Internet Connection (DSL, Broadband, Wi-fi, Dial-up).
     - Tip: Even a fast connection can go slow because of shared bandwidth
(ex: Internet Cafe/Shops).
     - Turn off all download softwares currently running in your PC.
     - Close all streaming or video sites that are currently running in your browser.
     - Scan your PC for viruses, trojans, worms etc.. 

Error Message and Error Reporting
     - This might be the game itself. Just click on "Send" to notify the Devs about the problem.
     - Try reinstalling your Kalydo Player. Works sometimes.

- Dreamland Online HD Version -

       If all things fail, just download the HD version of the game to play Dreamland Online directly from your PC Desktop. You will no longer have to play from your Facebook but you can still use your Facebook Log-in account to enter the game.

     - Click here to download and install the HD version: Dreamland Online HD Version
     - If the above link isn't working, refer here: Dreamland Online IGG

Account is already logged in!

Solution 1
     - This is a common error when you try to start the HD version of the game.
To solve this problem:
     - Open all browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc..
     - Log-out all Facebook Accounts.
     - Start the HD version again.

Solution 2
     - If you are having this problem with the HD version and Facebook, do the following.
     - Talk to Live Support and ask them to disconnect your character from the game.
     - Live Support: CLICK ME FOR LIVE SUPPORT
     - If the above link isn't working, go to your Dreamland Online - Facebook and click
on the "Online GM" Tab.

Tip: To avoid this error, always press [ESC] and click on log out before closing the game.

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