How to Catch Lainedeer and Coldbear

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       Lainedeer and Coldbear are Limited Mogas that you can only catch around winter
(December and January). Around this time, You will automatically encounter a man named Jack Frost when you enter any location and he will give you details about the two mogas.
- Jack Frost Event Quests -

Find ColdBear Quest  - Catch a Coldbear
     - Location: Everywhere
     - Star Seed Maximum Success Rate: Above 90%
     - Colbear has a very high success rate so you shouldn't have any problem here.

Coldbear's Skills:
     - Punch - Physical Attack
     - Coldbear Bump - Zodiac Attack
     - Poison - Special Ability

Find Lainedeer Quest - Catch a Lainedeer 
     - Location: Everywhere
     - Star Seed Maximum Success Rate: 9%
     - Now this is a problem. Lainedeer is an Epic Moga so it has a very slim success rate. Plus, Lainedeer's level will always take the highest moga on your current team. However, it is still possible to catch Lainedeer so don't lose hope. I caught mine (Lvl 11 Lainedeer) using Huey and 5 Star Seeds in a single battle. Luck really plays a big role here.

Lainedeer's Skills:
     - Punch - Physical Attack
     - Missile Toe - Zodiac Attack
     - Regenerate - Special Ability

     - Earn 5~10 Star Seeds (optional).
     - The levels of your current team must be close to each other as possible.
     - Aim for the 9% Success Rate. It is not necessary to bring  Lainedeer's HP to 1.
     - Use your whistles first and time it wisely.
     - Always take note of it's HP and your damages. Don't forget possible criticals.
     - If you think you will kill Lainedeer on your next move, switch to your
other Mogas instead if you followed Tip number two.
     - Good Luck ^_^\m/