Warstorm How to Play Guide

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       This Guide will show you how to play the basics and navigate around Warstorm. Follow the guide below to familiarize yourself on the card's information and parameters. Will also cover the first three campaigns to help you start and hone you to become a great Warlord General.
       Clicking the question mark (?) at the animation speed panel will also let you view details about Warstorm's user interface.
- Warstorm Navigation -


     - Quick Match - Unlocked after completing the first campaign. Here you can battle thousands of players to get ideas, experience and silvers playing the game. Get 3 wins to get 1000 silvers.

     - Daily Match - Unlocked after completing the first campaign. Challenges offered daily that can be completed to get rewards.

     - Single Player Missions - Take campaigns and complete missions here to get more cards while learning the basics. Select squads to join the fight then click the attack button. All battles are automatic so just sit, relax and see if you can win.

     - Achievements - Complete to get powerful cards as rewards.


     - Add New Squads - Every squad requires a Hero and the capacity of a squad depends on the Hero's Unit Count. For the above card, the Hero's Unit Count is 6.

     - Edit Squad - Move, add or replace cards here by double clicking or dragging the cards. Fill up all the slots and don't forget to click "Done" after editing. Artifacts and Spells can't be used if the Hero has 0 Artifact (yellow) and Spell (blue) count just like the card above.

     - Delete Squad - Clears out squads to give space. This will not delete the cards.


     - View all cards that you have here. Click the TYPE and FACTION tabs to view specific cards.

     - You can also give out extra cards here to your friends.

     - Ready - Number that decreases every after each players turn. When it reaches 0 the card will enter the battle. For the card above, the Ready is 10 turns.

     - Attack - Damage that a card can deal. The above card's Attack is 3.

     - Health - Damage a unit can take. The above card's Health is 8.

     - Card Effect - Written texts that describes what the card can do or cast. The card above doesn't have any card effect. Some card are untradable just like the card above.

- SHOP -

     - Buy single cards or card packs, pre-built squads and campaigns here.
     - Trades are made through Silvers (in-game money) and Cash (real money).


     - Buy boosters here. Morale for your own health and Attack+, Health+ and -Readiness  for your units.
- Save the Province Campaign -

Squad 1: Lord General Pozak - given at the tutorial
Squad 2: Blade Master Wilaren - available after Mission 4-8

Campaign Missions and Recommended Actions from Tips:
     1-8 - Done after the tutorial
     2-8 - Use Squad 1
     3-8 - Use Squad 1
     4-8 - Squad 1, Replace 2 Infantry cards with 2 Anglor Riders.
     5-8 - Add Squad 2, Blade Master Wilaren as Hero with 6 Infantry cards.
     6-8 - Squad 1, Replace 2 Infantry cards with 2 Beasts.
     7-8 - Squad 1, Replace 2 Beasts with 2 Estian Scullcrashers.
     8-8 - Squad 2, Replace 2 Infantry cards with 2 Anden Wardens.

Congratulations! you have completed your first campaign. So far what we have learned are:
     - Battles are automatic and cards are taken from the squads randomly.
     - Shows how Damage and Health of each unit clash each other.
     - Replacing cards from squads to counter certain cards.
     - Replacing cards from squads to avoid enemy card's effects.
     - Adding new squad and using all squads as one.
     - A Squad must share only one Faction.
     - Units with card effects such as Trample, Regenerate, Heal and Retaliate.

       As the game goes, from here on you will encounter lots of different cards that can be added to your squad. Every player gets his or her own cards from many sources like gifts from friends or treasure troves. Remember that not all of your friends or other players around your level, have the same cards like yours. The more friends you have, the more cards you can horde.
       For this guide, I will use common cards that is attainable from campaigns.

- Recruit an Army Campaign -

Squad 1: Lord General Pozak
with Estian Warrior, Estian Cleric, 2 Estian Skullcrashers and 2 Anglor Riders.
Squad 2: Blade Master Wilaren
with 2 Anden Wardens, 2 Silvintri Warriors and 2 Forest Crawlers.

Campaign Missions and Recommended Actions from Tips:
     1-12 - Attack with both squads
     2-12 - Squad 1, Replace 2 Anglor Riders with 2 Anglor Warmaidens.
     3-12 - Use Squad 1
     4-12 - Use Squad 2
     5-12 to 8-12 - Use Squad 1
     9-12 - Squad 1, Put 2 Estian Skullcrashers, Dervish of Kulnar, Estian Mage,
Anglor Skirmisher and a Beast.  
     10-12- Use Squad 1
     11-12- Squad 1, Replace 2 Estian Skullcrashers and Beast with 2 Anglor Warmaidens
and Estian Cleric.
     12-12- Squad 2, Put Anden Wolverine, Icemage of Aradaan, Twilight Warrior,
Anden Ranger, Icebow Archer and Silvintri Mage.

       Now you have more units with unique effects at your disposal. If you fail in a battle once, experiment and take note of your enemies cards to counter them. You can check up on cards to view it's effects by clicking them.

- Free Your Neighbors Campaign -

Squad 1: Lord General Pozak
with 2 Anglor Warmaidens, Dervish of Kulnar, Anglor Skirmisher, Estian Mage
and Estian Cleric.
Squad 2: Blade Master Wilaren
with Anden Wolverine, Icemage of Aradaan, Twilight Warrior, Anden Ranger, 
Icebow Archer and Silvintri Mage.

Campaign Missions and Recommended Actions from Tips:

     1-10 - Use Squad 1
     2-10 - Use Squad 2
     3-10 - Squad 2, Replace Anden Wolverine and Anden Ranger with 2 Forest Crawlers.
     4-10 - Use Squad 1
     5-10 - Squad 2, Replace 2 Forest Crawlers with 2 Anden Wardens.
     6-10 - Use Squad 2
     7-10 - Use Squad 1
     8-10 - Use Squad 1
     9-10 - Use Squad 1
     10-10 - Use Squad 1

       You have completed your first three campaigns with the help of tips before the fight page. From here on, there will be no more tips page available before the fight and you have to figure all out how to win your battles. Don't worry, losing doesn't have any penalties plus you'll get some practice.

       I'm sure while playing through the campaigns, you got lots of different cards from different sources like treasure coves, gifts and more. Build your own unique squads with your heroes and units available and win campaigns to conquer territories , battle with your friends or complete challenges, fend off invasions to protect your earnings and more.

       Earn silvers or cash and purchase more cards at the Shop. Buy faction packs or pre-built squads to unlock Orc, Demon and Undead factions. You can also get Warstorm cash from treasure troves and gifts to be able to purchase and unlock more campaigns.

       Buy elf packs at the shop (5000 silvers) and try to create at least 4 elf squads as a start.

       Well' that's it, and I'm sorry I will no longer make guides for the next campaigns because first, it will take out all the fun and second there are so many ways to achieve victory in a single battle. Just experiment with your squads, and make them as one united squad. Good Luck and Thank You.