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- Clan's Island Bonuses -

     - Go to your Daimyo and claim your rewards every 4 hours from last claim.
     - Konami Komando Achievement - Click your Daimyo and Press 
         ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, b, a, Enter 
     - Golden Clouds on your island - Click on them when you have the chance.
     - Rapidly click the birds flying across your's a surprise...LOL 
     - Gifts! Ask your allies nicely for gifts if they can. Negis and Fried Shrimps are good weapons and Karma sources to start with. High level gift items available are also good for Gold. Sell them.
     - Assist allies for Gold and EXP. Maximum of 25 allies per day.

     - Karma -

     - Never exchange your Karmas for Gold.
   - Spend Karmas only on leveling your ninjas, unlocking relic slots and for buying relics specifically Karma producing ones if available and relics that belongs to the Best Relic Combo.
     - Equip Karma relics to farm but it will leave you vulnerable.
     - Be one of the first 5 to claim a bonus Karma from your allies that posts their tournament winnings. 
     - Join Karma Quizes posted by Ninja Warz on walls.

- Ninja Training -

     - Recruit and level up ninjas with 52 Health and 40 Power. Other Ninjas can be recruited for achievements purposes only. The more ninjas you have, recruitment fees will also follow. Dismiss them after for lower cost recruitment fees and space for more ninjas.
     - Focus first on leveling up one black ninja and so on. 

- Weapons and Relics -

     - Best weapons to use are tournament weapons, some destiny weapons and plus to stats high leveled shop weapons. Buying Gold weapons at the shop is not always a good idea.
     - Open up your relic slots up to 2~3 slots at low levels, 4~5 at mid then finally the 6th. Up to you really. 
     - Best Combo Relics varies every new updates of relics. Energy Ball Relic will stay for sure.
     - Farm weapons and relics from clans 3 to 10 levels below your level. They should be giving you 0 EXP and 0 Gold but it will make you stronger without increasing your own level. 

- Battles and Tournaments -

     - Check your opponent's Ninja Warz profile before attacking. You can check them by clicking the icons before their names.
     - AI clans are available for beating. Look for them at the bottom of every battle page.
    - Join  and win tournaments as much as you can and aim for the best weapon reward available. Some ninja clans prefer not to level up until they have most of their ninjas equipped with tournament weapons.
     - Share your tournament victories to help allies. 

- Boss Fights -

     - Can't defeat them? train more and equip better weapons/relics and magic.
    - You can fight defeated boss monsters again by clicking their image at the fight screen located at the upper center. Just between the words Enemies and Allies.
    - After defeating Tondeiru Josei, DO NOT sell her Daikatana because you will need it to accomplish an achievement. The Achievement is to kill her with her own sword. The last hit should be the ninja that is carrying her sword. To easily get this, remove all weapons equipped. then equip the Daikatana to your strongest ninja.
     - Tweak your equipments if you are trying to fight boss monsters for an achievement like Mecha Genbu. Best way is to focus all your relics into Health for higher chance of survival.

- Achievements -

     - Try to get as many achievements as possible for more Karma.
     - Achievements can be accessed at your Ninja Warz Profile.
    - Missable Achievements are "Win your first 10,50 and 150 fights. Failed once you lose a single fight. Train your ninja to higher color belts as soon as possible keeping your level low.

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