Crash of Cars: How to Get High Scores or Crowns per Run

Here's a quick guide on how to get high scores in the real time multiplayer racing game - Crash of Cars. The number of Crowns you have determines your high scores, they can be gathered around the map, or taken from your opponents!

Upgrade Your Prestige Lvl
   - Keep farming Coins and draw from machines to get Prestige Points, this will upgrade all of your Power-Ups and Weapons (it's random but you'll eventually get them all).

Crash of Cars: How to Get High Scores or Crowns
Choose Faster and Smaller Cars
   - Can easily run away from chasing cars.
   - Excellent for wide area map stages.
   - Harder to hit.
   - Low HP, so follow the tips below for things to avoid.
   - Kinda harder to control because of their speed, but still doable, just keep using, you'll eventually get the hang of it.

Select and Upgrade Your Cars
   - Legendary Car = Speed
   - Upgrade them to add some extra layer of Shield (blue bars). They have low HP, so also try to get HP power-ups while in battle to stay longer.

Things To Avoid
 Avoid Bumping Into Other Cars
   - Yup, avoid unnecessary bumps to conserve your Shield and HP.
   - Check the arrows to locate your opponents, move, teleport or boost into a safe place.

Avoid Crashes but if Needed...
   - Use Shield! Once you are able to pick up a Shield, go and collect Crowns from the sides.
   - If you think other cars are about to group up on you, activate your shield and give them a couple of bumps before moving away.

How to Avoid Missiles
   - Homing Missiles can really hurt your low HP cars really bad, but you can actually avoid it...easily.
   - Just spin around, yes, faster cars can dodge them easily. You can also spin near a wall to force the missile to hit the wall or any obstacle nearby instead.

Check Your Opponent's Car For Weapons
   - You can actually see the weapons of your opponents, familiarize yourself to know when to retreat or to press on your attacks.
Crash of Cars: Collecting Crowns
Collecting Crowns
   - This is your aim, to collect as many Crowns as you can, High Scores are based on how many Crowns you have collected.

Low Number of Crowns
   - Other Cars will ignore you, so start collecting Crowns from the sides. It's quicker since you are using a faster Car.

High Number of Crowns
   - Other Cars will start and try to chase you, keep on driving and avoid other cars as much as possible. Do Hit and Runs if you can but only approach if there are no aggressive cars around.
   - Start collecting defensive weapons or power-ups like Shield, Teleport, or Boost, use it quickly to move away from other aggressive Cars.

Do Hit and Runs!
Use Long Ranged Weapons
   - Railguns, Homing Missiles, Cannons, and more.
   - Won't recommend: Trebuchet (easy to dodge) or Oil (just spill out immediately).
   - Approach with caution if you want to collect Crowns, best if you have a shield.

Drop Weapons That You Don't Need
   - If you don't like or need the weapon you are carrying, just activate right before you grab a Power-up box.

Scare Your Opponents
   - Activating your Spikes and Flamethrowers can actually fend of enemy cars too!

If You Want To Play More Aggressive
   - Just make sure that your car's rear or side won't get hit much by other cars.
   - You can also chase other cars with a Flamethrower if you like, but check if they have an equipped weapon that might destroy your car.

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