Sailcraft Online: Beginner's Tips, FAQs and Strategy Guide

Here's some quick tips for new players playing Sailcraft Online presented by uqsoft HK, a turn based naval warfare mobile game for Android and iOS battleship fans.

How to Reset My Game Progress?
   - The only way so far is to create a new Google Account. Re-install or clear the App's data, then login using your newly created account.
   - It's not really recommended to do re-rolls because you'll eventually get them anyway.

Tip During Tutorial
   - During the building/upgrading tutorial part, if the game prompted you to use Gems to Auto-complete the process, don't do it! Just wait until it is complete to save those extra Gems.

Sailcraft Online: Beginner's Tips, and Strategy Guide
What To Do After The Tutorial?
Gain EXP Points
   - Unlock, build and upgrade everything. Yes, because it's the only way to increase your Captain's Lvl and to upgrade your Mothership's Lvl. Focus first on the those cheap and easy to complete ships or upgrades.
   - Build or Upgrade Ships (Base Area).
   - Build or Upgrade Warships (Fleet Area).
   - Build or Upgrade Defenses (Defense Area).

Base/Defense Area Ships and Upgrades
   - All upgrades here are handled by your Base Engineer.
   - Check the Shop for new ships that you can build.
   - Tech Ship: Max always to get more Ships and to increase their Max Lvls.
   - Energy Ship: Max always to increase overall Energy and Refill Rate. This will also enable you to upgrade your default Spells.
   - Storage Ship: Upgrade to increase Gold and Mineral capacity. Always check this one first before upgrading your Mothership or other ships that requires high amount of resources.
   - Other Ships: Upgrade whenever possible.

   - You can unlock more defensive structures as you upgrade your Mothership. Upgrade or Change them as needed.

Fleet Area Ships and Upgrades
   - All upgrades here are handled by your Warship Engineer.
   - Unlock and build all new ships to get fast EXP points and Achievement bonuses.
   - Upgrade them to Lvl 5 whenever possible, but once it gets tough, start focusing on your main core ships. Preferably, go with higher tier Ships (Uncommon, Rare or higher) with nice skills.

- The Basics and Early Game Tips -
Sailcraft Online - The Basics and Early Game Tips
Quests and Achievements
   - Complete condition to receive various resources.

Early Game Battle Formation and Spell Tips
Early Game Default Warships
   - All players will be given a set of default ships early game, then will receive random ships by upgrading the Tech Ship to Lvl 2 or higher.

   - Judge Archer (3-grid) and Dragon Claw (2-grid)
   - Both carries a Torpedo skill that is easy to cast, a nice starter scouter skill. Add them to your 2 early game fleets.

   - Blackrock (4-grid): also has a nice easy to cast skill (Light Mortar).
   - Meteor Trail (4-grid): nice support skill set at Lvl 5.
   - Ranger (4-grid): nice support skill, can also be used as torpedo blocker early game.
   - Moonspear (2-grid): use if you didn't get a better 2-grid ship (higher stats) from random chests.

Early Game Default Spells
   - Default spells can be changed anytime from the Fleet area screen.

   - Magic Missile: Nice early game Spell for Battle and Plunder Mode. Note: If it didn't hit anything, that means all 4 grids doesn't have any ship or structures present.
   - Magic Shield: Nice early game Spell for Battle Mode.
   - Hope Light: Use this when you are about to get beaten, giving you a chance to win the battle. Note that this spell will disappear after 3 turns or if your enemy sinks it. Best used if you have a ship with a Shield skill.

General Attack Formations
   - Just try different formations that fits your play style. Example: Place all ships along the sides or corners, and make sure to give at least 1 space around them.

   - Front-Area: Place long ships to disrupt torpedoes (if no anti-torpedo net), this will halt your enemy from revealing more grid. Preferably, Ships that you can fire their skills early on, or Ships that doesn't have any skill.
   - Deathwhisper: Ships with this skill effect will activate once they get destroyed.
   - Fightback: Ships with this skill effect will counter attack if it gets hit.

   - Back or Side-Areas: Ships that needs some time to be able to cast their skill/s (high Energy requirement).

Early Game Battle Fleet Tips
Max Fleet Hitpoints:
   - Increases as you upgrade your Mothership.
   - Always fill up all Hitpoints available to get the most out of it (also expands Base Waters). Here's an example: During early game (Lvl 2 Mothership), you'll be given 13 Hitpoints.
   - Using two 4-grid ships, one 3-grid ship, and another 2-grid ship will give you a total of 13 Hitpoints (4-4-3-2).

Waters (100 Waters = 1 Grid)
   - For 13 Hitpoints, you should at least have a 6x5 grid waters. Increase as you progress through the game, the more water grids you have, the better.

Switching Fleets:
   - Since you can't battle with ships that are under upgrade, resupply or out of fuel status, this is a nice alternative method to keep on battling.
   - Here's an example: During early game (Lvl 2 Mothership) and by using the recommended (4-4-3-2) battle fleet above, what you need now is another (4-4-3-2) battle fleet. So that means that you need four 4-grids ship, two 3-grid ships, and another two 2-grid ships.

   - Use your first fleet until they run out of fuel (barrels). While resupplying, switch to your second fleet. Use second fleet until your first fleet is done resupplying, repeat steps.
   - At later game content, add more fleets if needed, but take note that you can only resupply up to 10 ships at the same time.

At Mothership Lvl 3 (16 Hitpoints)
   - Go with (5-4-4-3) or (5-4-3-3), but if you don't have 5-grid ships, (4-4-3-3-2) or (4-4-4-3) is also good as long the you have at least 7x5 grid waters. Preferably, team up ships with nice skill synergies and according to your play style.

Plunder and Defense Mode!
Sailcraft Online - Plunder Mode Tips
Plunder Mode
   - Unlocks after upgrading your Mothership to Lvl 2, your main source of Gold and Mineral.
   - Requires Plunder Letters: drops from battle mode; regenerates every 2 hours.

   - Note that plundering will also consume ship supplies, so if the "Available Loot" isn't worth it, better skip. Try to Destroy all Ships within 5 turns to gather more loots.

   - You are given 1 minute to check their defenses and plan your siege. Example: If your target is using an Anti-Torpedo Net, it might be best to use other non-torpedo skills first.
   - Go all out offense to quickly reveal the grids!

How To Avoid Getting Plundered?
   - Honestly, you'll still get plundered even if you have very low resources. Why? because sometimes even AI controlled fleets will also plunder you.
   - The best thing to do is to spend most of your resources before logging out.
   - Note: You can't be plundered while you are online.

   - Plundered players will automatically get 4 hours Shield.
   - Alternatively, it can also be purchased from the Shop (optional).

Defense Formations
   - With little luck, you can also resist plunderers with good defense.
   - You have limited defensive structures early game, so just move your Ships and Cannon at the back (right side), and all Countermines in-front of them (left side). Hope they will deploy torpedoes and hit them.

   - There are 2 methods where you can focus your defenses on.
   - Delay Tactics: Force them to spend all of their 5 turns, instead of destroying their fleet. Use Decoys (front-area) and defensive structures (back-area) like Nets, Arrows, or Shields.
   - Counter Attack: Try and destroy the enemy fleet by using Countermines (front-area) and defensive structures (back-area) like Cannons or Missiles.

How To Farm Gold and Minerals
   - Main Focus = Plunder!
   - Plunder Letters = Drops from Battle Mode

Farming Plunder Letters
   - Just keep on switching between 2 battle fleets until you have enough Plunder Letters.
   - Plunder, then repeat.

Other Info and Tips
How To Change My Captain's Name?
   - Tap on your Captain's Lvl to open your Profile Page. Select the "feather pen" next to your Name to edit it. Note that you can only change name once for free.

Earning Trophies and Joining Leagues
   - Gained by winning Battle Mode.
   - Increase Trophies to join Leagues, and to unlock and obtain more types of resources like Crystals.

Best Ways To Use Gems?
   - Earn them for late game.
   - Example: For purchasing resources (crystals) for your core warships. For Shields to protect you from Plunderers (optional).

How To Join a Guild?
   - Upgrade your Mothership to Lvl 3 to unlock the Guild Ship.
   - Most guilds are open to all, but some guilds requires a number of Trophies to join.

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