Here's a game guide for slotting Empowered Iso-8 into Hero uniforms in the game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Empowered Iso-8 grants new passive abilities to your heroes. Available on base uniforms at level 4 and 13 (2 slots), and other alternate uniforms at level 13 (1 slot only).

There are 3 types of Empowered ISO-8, Generic (Store: command points), Class Restricted (Store: gold), and Character Restricted (Heroic Battle: loot spin). Note that the below Empowered Iso-8s are just suggestions, and are not the only way to power-up heroes.

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- Empowered Isotope-8 Suggestions for Heroes -

   - Complete Heroic Battles with the required hero to get a chance to receive a Character Restricted ISO-8.
   - [S2-C1-M1] means Season 2, Chapter 1, Mission 1.
   - Note: Heroes with multiple suggestions: just select 1 or 2 Empowered Iso-8.

For now, here's a list for all available Character Restricted (Heroic Battle: loot spin) Empowered Iso-8 that you can get for free! More will be coming to the game, so expect some updates here too.

- Season 1 Chapter 2 Empowered Iso-8 -

   - Character Restricted [S1-C2-M6] - Loquacious Empowered Iso-8
   - Gift of the Buns: Master of puns; Witty Retort causes Migraine.

   - Character Restricted [S1-C2-M6] - Disciplined Empowered Iso-8
   - Rigorous Training: Immune to Winded, Off-Balanced, Fumbling and Flanked.

   - Character Restricted [S1-C2-M6] - Voracious Empowered Iso-8
   - Food Fight: Gain one stack of Well Fed each round.

- Season 2 Chapter 1 Empowered Iso-8 -

   - Character Restricted [S2-C1-M1] - Pilfered Empowered Iso-8
   - Eight Card Stud: Gambit may gain 8 stacks of Kinetic Charge.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C1-M1] - Caressing Empowered Iso-8
   - Roguelike: Starts Combat with Into the Fray.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C1-M2] - Soothing Empowered Iso-8
   - Revivify: Extends Recharge to allow Wolverine to heal to full health once per battle.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C1-M2] - Frenzied Empowered Iso-8
   - Riled Up: Gain Frenzy at the start of combat, but can't survive being KO'ed.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C1-M3] - Revered Empowered Iso-8
   - Pious Prayer: Grants Mystic Shroud to team at start of combat.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C1-M4] - Tantalizing Empowered Iso-8
   - True Love: Mind Control lasts an extra round; Targets with Mind Control will protect Spider-Woman more often.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C1-M5] - Smiting Empowered Iso-8
   - Marble Counter: Chance to counter area attacks with Column Down.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C1-M6] - Instant Empowered Iso-8
   - Temporal Paradox: Chance to pre-counter attacks.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C1-M6] - Spicy Empowered Iso-8
   - Well Fed: That hit the spot (3 rounds).
   - Lifepool: The first attack that would reduce Deadpool's health to 0 will return him to 50% health instead.

- Season 2 Chapter 2 Empowered Iso-8 -

Dr. Strange
   - Character Restricted [S2-C2-M1] - Enchanted Empowered Iso-8
   - Baleful: Bolts of Balthakk exploit attrition.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C2-M2] - Tylphotic Empowered Iso-8
   - Sensitive: Radar Sense grants Paragon Exploiter to Daredevil's attacks.

Captain America
   - Character Restricted [S2-C2-M3] - Fervent Empowered Iso-8
   - Discus: Chance to counter ranged attacks with Shield Throw.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C2-M3] - Photoconductive Empowered Iso-8
   - Capacitive Armor: Gains a Unibeam Focus when attacked with Energy or Electric attacks.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C2-M3] - Dynamic Empowered Iso-8
   - Thunder God: Inspire Bravery causes Static Charge on all enemies; Hammer Throw and Empowered Strike gain the Electricity Attack Type.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C2-M4] - Stalking Empowered Iso-8
   - Hunting Instinct: When attacked with a Melee attack, applies Unique Scent to attacker; Enemies with Unique Scent can not be protected from or counter Wolverine's attacks; Wolverine has a higher chance to hit enemies with Unique Scent.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C2-M4] - Savory Empowered Iso-8
   - Still Better: Sharp Pointy Things applies 2 stacks of Bleeding.
   - Come At Me, Bob: Chance to protect allies from single target attacks; Higher chance to protect with low health; Chance to counter attacks; higher chance to counter with high health.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C2-M5] - Inventive Empowered Iso-8
   - Smartest Man in the Room: Each round triggers a new Analysis.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C2-M6] - Accelerating Empowered Iso-8
   - Frictionless: Quickness is not consumed by counter attacks.

Scarlet Witch
   - Character Restricted [S2-C2-M6] - Statistical Empowered Iso-8
   - Controlled Chaos: Chaos Shield never misses and never fails.

- Season 2 Chapter 3 Empowered Iso-8 -

Mr. Fantastic
   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M1] - Overclocked Empowered Iso-8
   - Overclocked: Bifurcator hits all enemies.

Doctor Doom
   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M1] - Unbreakable Empowered Iso-8
   - Will of Doom: Immune to Stun and Exhaustion.

Ms. Marvel
   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M2] - Fixating Empowered Iso-8
   - Fixating: Ms. Marvel's attacks gain Truestrike and Guaranteed Hit.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M2] - Analyzing Empowered Iso-8
   - Psychoanalysis: Chance to counter attacks from enemies with Cower, Distracted, Disoriented, Intimidated, or Shell Shocked.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M3] - Attentive Empowered Iso-8
   - Hawkeye's Initiative: Hawkeye will attempt to go first in combat.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M4] - Consuming Empowered Iso-8
   - Consuming Fire: Psi-Blast applies Soulfire.

Black Panther
   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M5] - Flashing Empowered Iso-8
   - Panther's Bite: Vibranium Daggers now grants Fang of the Panther; Panther Stance now grants Roar of the Panther.

Black Widow
   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M5] - Androit Empowered Iso-8
   - Lithe: Martial Arts Combo gains Disadvantage.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M5] - Irritating Empowered Iso-8
   - Swarming: 100% chance to Counter any enemy with Staggered, Distraction, Odd-balance, Cornered or Dizzy that attacks Wasp or an ally.

Black Cat
   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M6] - Lucky Empowered Iso-8
   - Lands on Her Feet: Stroke of Luck has a chance of granting Black Cat and extra turn.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C3-M6] - Tangled Empowered Iso-8
   - Entangling: Webbed has a chance to cause Staggered, Distraction, Off-balance, or Dizzy.
   - Loaded Sling: Web Slingshot exploits Opportunist.

- Season 2 Chapter 4 Empowered Iso-8 -

Emma Frost
   - Character Restricted [S1-C4-M1] - Eternal Empowered Iso-8
   - Diamonds Are Forever: Diamond Body no longer triggers Organic Recovery.

   - Character Restricted [S1-C4-M1] - Fluxing Empowered Iso-8
   - Superconductor: Replace Magnetized with Polarized, which cannot be removed or prevented.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C4-M2] - Thick Empowered Iso-8
   - Bulk Up: Reduces damage taken for each Hulk Up.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C4-M3] - Berserking Empowered Iso-8
   - Berserker: Chance to join in on an ally's attack; Chance to retaliate when an ally is hit by single-target attacks.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C4-M4] - Decimating Empowered Iso-8
   - Atomic Buster: Chance to counter single target and area attacks with Decimate.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C4-M4] - Commanding Empowered Iso-8
   - Inspiring Leadership: Provides Inspiring leadership to all allies, increasing all stats.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C4-M4] - Windy Empowered Iso-8
   - Wind Shear: Grants Protective Shroud to all allies at the start of combat.

Captain Britain
   - Character Restricted [S2-C4-M5] - Knightly Empowered Iso-8
   - Pendragon: Increases the chance for Roar of Valor to reduce damage.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C4-M6] - Predictive Empowered Iso-8
   - Prediction: Mock Combat triggers before an enemy's attack.

- Season 2 Chapter 5 Empowered Iso-8 -

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M1] - Furiouse Empowered Iso-8
   - Getting Angry: Gains Hulk Up each round; Gains Hulk Up each when attacked.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M1] - Resolute Empowered Iso-8
   - Indomitable Spirit: Suppresses most effects that prevent or remove buffs.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M1] - Predatory Empowered Iso-8
   - Huntress: Chance to perform Swipe as a follow-up on single-target attacks.

Kitty Pryde
   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M2] - Dragonian Empowered Iso-8
   - Lockdown: Counters all attacks with Lockheed while not Phased.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M2] - Aromatic Empowered Iso-8
   - Killer Instinct: Preemptively applies Trigger Scent when attacking if X-23 doesn't have Berserker Rage.

Human Torch
   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M3] - Pyroclastic Empowered Iso-8
   - Firestarter: Attacks against Burning targets apply Pyrophoric; Attacks against Pyrophoric targets apply Melt Armor.

Invisible Woman
   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M3] - Circulating Empowered Iso-8
   - Air Pressure: Party members with shields remove and prevent debuffs while shields are active.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M3] - Masonic Empowered Iso-8
   - Yancy Street Rules: Begin the flight with Stonewall; Stone Wall reduces damage received.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M4] - Dynamo Empowered Iso-8
   - Focused Efforts: All Normal Actions generate 1 additional Potential Energy.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M4] - Grounding Empowered Iso-8
   - Strategic Thinking: Protects allies from Energy attacks.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M5] - Duplicitous Empowered Iso-8
   - Gentleman Cambrioleur: Performs a follow-up attack when enemies attack each other.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M5] - Synchronized Empowered Iso-8
   - Mental Preparation: Allies begin the fight with Mental Coordination.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M5] - Rhythmic Empowered Iso-8
   - Shall We Dance: All dance actions are available as a multi-action.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M6] - Ironclad Empowered Iso-8
   - Bastion: Chance to take reduced damage and resist crits from attacks.

Red Hulk
   - Character Restricted [S2-C5-M6] - Smoldering Empowered Iso-8
   - Boomshakalaka!: Begins the fight with 40% Heat.

- Season 2 Chapter 6 Empowered Iso-8 -

Captain America
   - Character Restricted [S2-C6-M1] - Leading Empowered Iso-8
   - The First Avenger: Captain America will attempt to go first in combat.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C6-M1] - Swooping Empowered Iso-8
   - Nimble: 50% chance to avoid melee and ranged attacks for 2 rounds.

Ghost Rider
   - Character Restricted [S2-C6-M2] - Tenacious Empowered Iso-8
   - From Hell: The first attack that would reduce Ghost Rider's health to 0 will return him to 50% health instead.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C6-M3] - Desperate Empowered Iso-8
   - Tides of War: Are's attack gain Desperation Attack.

War Machine
   - Character Restricted [S2-C6-M3] - Tactical Empowered Iso-8
   - Strategic Advantage: Strategic Analysis also applies Disadvantage.

Daimon Hellstrom
   - Character Restricted [S2-C6-M4] - Hellacious Empowered Iso-8
   - From Hell: The first attack that would reduce Ghost Rider's health to 0 will return him to 50% health instead.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C6-M4] - Enticing Empowered Iso-8
   - Sweet Nothings: Chance to preemptively apply Distracted when an enemy attacks.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C6-M5] - Prepared Empowered Iso-8
   - Real Combat: When attacked, preemptively chances class to the attacker's counter-class; Not triggered by counter-attacks.

Iron Fist
   - Character Restricted [S2-C6-M6] - Heartfelt Empowered Iso-8
   - Killer Instinct: Combo Breaker has a 100% chance.

Luke Cage
   - Character Restricted [S2-C6-M6] - Enticing Empowered Iso-8
   - Street Cleaner: Remove 1 negative effect when Knuckle-Up is gained.

- Season 2 Chapter 7 Empowered Iso-8 -

   - Character Restricted [S2-C7-M1] - Bloodshot Empowered Iso-8
   - Evil Eye: Summoned Eyebites now apply Breakdown.

Omega Sentinel
   - Character Restricted [S2-C7-M1] - Indexing Empowered Iso-8
   - Iso Inside: Chance to gain the positive aspects of the target's class when attacked.

Black Cat
   - Character Restricted [S2-C7-M2] - Starting Empowered Iso-8
   - Deja vu: Grants a follow-up attacks to single-target attacks if the target is Bleeding.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C7-M3] - Pacifying Empowered Iso-8
   - A Separate Peace: Regain health on any turn Beast does not attack.

Hank Pym
   - Character Restricted [S2-C7-M3] - Diminutive Empowered Iso-8
   - Size Matters: 20% chance to shrink to avoid incoming attacks.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C7-M4] - Halting Empowered Iso-8
   - Impasse: Chance to preemptively negate counter attacks.

   - Character Restricted [S2-C7-M4] - Unwavering Empowered Iso-8
   - Champion of the Slain: Increases Accuracy, Attack, Defense, and Evasion when an ally is KO'ed.

Doctor Voodoo
   - Character Restricted [S2-C7-M5] - Spiritual Empowered Iso-8
   - Spirit Field: Grants Spirit Field to all allies at the start of combat; Incoming area damage reduced by 30%.

Black Knight
   - Character Restricted [S2-C7-M6] - Spiritual Empowered Iso-8
   - Defensive Stance: Has a chance to block attacks, taking reduced damage.

- Store Only Character Restricted Empowered Iso-8 -

   - Character Restricted [Store-Gold Only] - Optical Empowered Iso-8
   - Oversight: Optic Blast and Mega Optic Blast Ignore Defense.

   - Character Restricted [Store-Gold Only] - Assailing Empowered Iso-8
   - Assailant: Chance to perform a follow-up attack against Weakened, Exposed, Dizzy or Slowed targets.

   - Character Restricted [Store-Gold Only] - Masterful Empowered Iso-8
   - Living Weapon: K'un L'un Combo and Five fingers of Death apply Pressure Points.

Ms. Marvel
   - Character Restricted [Store-Gold Only] - Realized Empowered Iso-8
   - Full Potential: Hidden Potential also triggers on Elemental, Kinetic and Psychic attacks.

Scarlet Witch
   - Character Restricted [Store-Gold Only] - Fortuitous Empowered Iso-8
   - Get Lucky: Chance to manipulate probability, dodging attacks, countering attacks, following-up attacks, ignoring enemy defense; Chance to make Chaos Shield a Quick Action.

   - Character Restricted [Store-Gold Only] - Objecting Empowered Iso-8
   - Cross-Examination: Chance to prevent enemy attacks.

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