Tomb Run: Guide to Dodging Obstacles - Game Controls

       Dodging obstacles in this action and arcade running game is somewhat easy and smooth once you are familiar with all the traps. Some traps can only be avoided by jumping, sliding, or by simply avoiding direct contact.

       Aside from the power-ups that can help you dodge almost all obstacles in the game, personal experience will still play it's part. There are some notable control commands that you can perform to be able to effectively dodge traps when you are without power-ups. Refer below to learn more.

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- Quick Basic Game Controls -

Swipe Up
     - Jump; To get Coins, Power-ups, and for dodging Obstacles.

Swipe Down
     - Slide; For getting Coins and dodging Obstacles.
     - Most traps can be avoided by sliding below them.

Swipe to the Right or Left
     - To turn to the right or left; Used only for corners.
     - You can spam this command to make sure you won't fall!

Tilt Device to the Right or Left
     - To move to the right or left;
     - Used for getting Coins and avoiding Obstacles.

- Notable Controls For Dodging Tight Situations -
Jumping and Sliding
     - Some traps are placed close to each other. For the above set
of traps, you can either use Jump > Slide or Slide > Slide. This is easy because you have 2 options, but what if it is risky to use Jump for both traps!?, Refer below screenshot and info.
Effective Sliding
     - Some traps are placed close to each other, and if you are
unlucky, you might end up with traps similar to the above screenshot. Jump is not an option here so the only command that you can use is Slide > Slide.

     - To use this command effectively, start sliding right before or
right after getting the first Coin. This is you basis for the distance in-case there are no Coins around.

     - We need to do this to make your character land at the middle
of the two traps and give you enough time to use Slide again for the second obstacle. As the game speed increases, you need to do these commands a little faster too.

     - If you started sliding right before the first obstacle you might
end up dead at the second obstacle, after the slide animation ends where your character stands up.

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