Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising: Cards For Manteaus - List

       Manteaus cards mainly focuses on Attack Speed and Flee or Dodge chance. If you are a spell caster, note that Aspd + will not increase your Casting Time!, get Flee + or Def + instead for your manteaus.

       Refer below to learn which cards suits your character's manteaus, and playing style. The list below is only for manteaus slots, browse more cards by clicking any card menu buttons below.

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- For Manteaus (Slots) Cards -

Card NameRank (1)Rank (2)Rank (3)Rank (4)Rank (5)Rank S (4)Rank S (5)
Forest GolemDef +6
QuveFlee +2Flee +3
Desert WolfFlee +1
or +2
Flee +4
Dark IllusionFlee +4Flee +5
BaphometAspd +1Aspd +2Aspd +3Aspd +4 to +7Aspd +6
or Agi +5
TarouAspd +3Aspd +4Aspd +5Aspd +6
WraithAspd +5Aspd +6Aspd +7Aspd +8

Note: Blank Spaces = None, or Not Available in the game.

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