NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Blazing - How To Use Limit Breaks on Ninjas

Here's a guide on how to unlock and use the Limit Break option to your ninjas.

Benefits of Limit Breaking

   - Once you reach the Lvl cap of your core ninja and he or she can no longer be awakened, the only thing left to do now is to use the Limit Break option (if available).

Max Lvl and Stats Increased

   - Per Limit Break, you can increase the Lvl cap of your ninjas to +5, thus increasing their stats potential.
   - For 5* ninjas, you can Limit Break 1+5 times = Lvl 70 to Lvl 100.
   - For 6* ninjas, you can Limit Break 1+9 times = Lvl 100 to Lvl 150.

A Nice Feature for F2P Players

   - Most 4* ninjas from Raids (Emergency Mission drops) can be upgraded to 5* and use Limit Breaks, giving F2P players a chance to get some Lvl 100 ninjas!
NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Limit Break
- Limit Break Requirements -

Limit Breaking 6* Star Ninjas

Limit Break
Lvl Range
3 Stars
4 Stars
5* Char
6* Char
100-105 1 2 2 41k
105-110 2 2 1 169k
110-115 1 2 2 221k
115-120 1 4 369k
120-125 5 480k
125-130 1 2 1 1 400k
130-135 1 1 1 2 674k
135-140 1 2 2 753k
140-145 1 4 1.23M
145-150 5 1.44M
Total 6 2 11 17 14 5.77M

Limit Breaking 5* Star Ninjas

Limit Break
Lvl Range
3 Stars
4 Stars
5* Char
6* Char
70-75 1 3 1 24k
75-80 2 1 2 52k
80-85 2 3 55k
85-90 3 2 87k
90-95 4 1 122k
95-100 5 160k
Total 17 4 9 498k

Your Base 5* or 6* Ninja

   - Note that not all ninjas can be Limit Broken.

Limit Break Capable

Limit Break Capable
   - Some 6* and other selected 5* ninjas can be limit broken. To check, Awaken them until you reach their maximum number of Stars, if the "Limit Break Capable" icon is present on his or her character profile, then you may continue.
   - Note: More ninjas will also get their own Limit Break option as the game goes.

Max Lvl Reached

   - In order to unlock the next Limit Break cap, your ninjas must always reach their current Max Lvl first.

3* and 4* Scrolls

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Blazing 4 Stars Scrolls
   - Farm the scrolls you need from their respective Scroll stages under Emergency Missions, then use the "Awaken" option to upgrade them. Note that this is the only way to get 4* Scrolls.

Awakening Scrolls

   - You can upgrade a 1* Scroll to 2* by using five 1* Scrolls.
   - You can upgrade a 2* Scroll to 3* by using five 2* Scrolls.
   - You can upgrade a 3* Scroll to 4* by using five 3* Scrolls.

Limit Break Crystals

Attribute Crystals

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Attribute Crystals
   - Can be farmed from their respective Elements under Trial Missions: Rank [A] or [B].
   - Also check the featured element, if you are up against a mono Heart enemies, then just counter them with an all out Body team, or at least don't get Skill ninjas into that battle.

5* and 6* Character Crystals

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Ninja Crystals
   - Can be obtained from the Trial Coin Exchange Shop using Trial Coins farmed from Trial Missions or completed mission rewards. Granny Cat's Hiding Place will also sell these items (limited time).
Naruto Blazing Trial Missions

Trial Coin Exchange Shop: NEW!

   - No more hard and RNG drop runs! The newly revamped Trial Missions are now easier.
   - At the Trial Coin Exchange Shop, you can now exchange Trial Coins earned from Trial Missions for character specific Limit Break Crystals.
   - Limit Break your favorite ninjas to make them an even greater force to be reckoned with!
   - Note that only select characters are available from the Shop.

Impact Raids: Limit Break Material Drops

   - Orochimaru - Corrupt Rebirth
   - Drops from the "Ruler of the Serpents" Impact Raid Rank A and S missions.

   - Naruto Uzumaki - Power of the Fourth Tail
   - Drops from the "Raging Fury" Impact Raid Rank A and S missions.

   - Sasuke Uchiha - Curse Mark 2nd State
   - Drops from the "Battle in the Final Valley" Impact Raid Rank A and S missions.

   - Gengo - Master of Silence
   - Drops from the "Lord of Silence" Impact Raid Rank A and S missions.

   - Itachi Uchiha - Shura's Truth
   - Drops from the "Arrival of a Savage God" Impact Raid Rank A and S missions.

   - Kisame Hoshigaki - Ruler of the Torrent
   - Drops from the "A Ferocious Visage" Impact Raid Rank A and S missions.

   - Yugito Ni'i - Unbreakable Will
   - Drops from the "Two Tailed Cat Demon" Impact Raid Rank A and S missions.

   - Pain (Tendo) - Hammer of Pain
   - Drops from the "Force of Justice" Impact Raid Rank A and S missions.

   - Danzo Shimura - Root of the Great Tree
   - Drops from the "Darkness of the Ninja" Impact Raid Rank A and S missions.

   - Kabuto Yakushi - Craving for Wisdom
   - Drops from the "From a Snake to a Dragon" Impact Raid Rank A and S missions.

Character Crystal Requirements

   - 5* ninjas doesn't require any Character specific Crystals, but 6* ninjas on the other hand will require lots of them, so get ready for a world of pain!

   - From Lvl 100 to 105 = No Character Crystals needed.
   - From Lvl 105 to 125 = Start farming Character Crystals.
   - From Lvl 125 to 150 = Farm and Awaken your 5* Character Crystals to 6*!

Awakening Character Crystals

   - To Awaken them from 5* to 6*, you need:
   - 1 Base, plus 3 pieces of 5* Character Crystal dupes (4 pieces total).
   - 3* and 4* Scrolls (one each).
Naruto Blazing - Limit Break Requirements

   - Yup, get ready to spend millions if you want to reach their true MAX Lvls.

- Other Limit Break Info -

Stats Increase (Lvl 100 to 150)

Stats Increase for 6* Ninjas ("More or Less")

   - Short Range = Health: +1150 and Strength: +825
   - Mid Range = Health: +850 and Strength: +625
   - Long Range = Health: +650 and Strength: +500

   - As always, Short ranged ninjas will get higher stats increase than Mid and Long ranged ninjas. So if you can't decide which one to Limit Break first, I would suggest that you go for Short ranged ninjas first to maximize their stats and to compensate their short attack range.

   - Mid ranged ninjas will also get higher stats than Long ranged ones, so go for Mid ranged ninjas next, if you want. Good Luck! ^^

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