Online Game: Pockie Pirates
- Publisher: NGames
- Facebook Game Application
- Anime Based / Platform-Side Scrolling Games / Role Playing Game / Online Browser Based Social Game

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Pockie Pirates - Facebook Game Description
       Pockie Pirate is the first horizontal version of RPG webgame released by
Game321. Based on the theme of dream, passion, youth and friendship, you will play the role of a young pirate, determining to find legendary treasures and become the King of Pirates. In the game, you'll be confronted with various difficulties and need to root out enemies before you make the dream come true.
       Pockie Pirate blends strategy and tactics with entertaining game plot. It
features with cute characters and quality-designed background, combining with dazzling skills to present all gamers a thrill and exciting adventure around the sea. 
       What could be more appealing than having a number of trustworthy buddies, a
dream pirate ship, an island of your own? If you desire to seek the legendary treasure and to become the king of the Pirates, then join Pockie Pirates on Game321 now!
Game Features
     - Inspired and based on the popular anime series One Piece.
     - Platform-Side Scrolling RPG with unique sceneries and cute characters.
     - Become a Pirate Captain, recruit a crew and roam the oceans.
     - Hunt undersea treasures and conquer the blue sea with your friends.
     - Get the famous One Piece and become the Pirate King who will own the great oceans!
The Pirate Ship
     - Make money by fishing and exploring treasures in the sea.
     - Use them in duel with others in battlefield.
     - Use them to look for Demon Fruits bearing various abilities in the great oceans.
- Battle Play -
     - Here's a quick sneak peek of Pockie Pirates' battle play. Look who's fighting!
       Pockie Pirates is a tactical game where players can hire the crew they like, organize them
and make plans according to their strong points. Bring the best out of your crew!
       The fight is an automated turn based battle where players will clash each other with their fully customized crew. Skills are triggered at random and can be learned from the crew window.      - Recruit a crew as soon as possible to gain the advantage.      - Train and Equip them with enhanced gears to increase their attributes.      - Each crew member can have 1 active skill and 2 passive skills.
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